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What does being a Godparent mean in 2018?

What does being a Godparent mean in 2018?


Requesting someone be responsible for your child if you're not capable of doing so, is a huge ask and also the greatest honour you can bestow. While there are no legal obligations involved with being a godparent, this pivotal role has morphed from a purely religious rite into an important position of influence. Selecting the people to take care of your most precious gift is one of the biggest decisions you can make. Here we explore how godparenting has evolved and take a look at what being a godparent means in 2018.

Level of involvement

As a godparent, your level of involvement in your godchild's life may be dependent on factors such as geographic proximity and parental expectations. When you recover from the shock of initially being asked, it's a good idea to speak to the parents about what their expectations are. This will be different for every family. On the other hand, if you're the one's doing the asking, think about the role you expect your chosen godparents to play in your child's life.

Are you expecting frequent contact, regular check-ins and a plethora of entertaining (yet educational) age-appropriate activities to take place over the coming years? Outlining your expectations from the get-go gives everyone a clear understanding about this specific godparent role, so as to avoid disappointment down the track.

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A question of religion

If you're asking someone to be a godparent who has different ideologies, a different religious background or dissimilar cultural customs from you, don't blindside them as to what may be involved on the christening day and in some cases, over the course of a lifetime. Again, communication is key to a successful godparent relationship. Lay it all on the line so they can make an informed decision. *Note: some religions won't allow godparents who are not from the same religious background. Make sure you check the 'rules and regulations' section of your religion before popping the godparent question.

Time and money

Yep, that awkward money talk may factor into the godparent conversation. Are the parents expecting their cherished cherub to be showered with lavish gifts on every birthday, milestone and special occasion? Or are they more interested in the moral/spiritual/streetwise contribution you can bring to their child's life? Asking why they chose you (as well as a good stroke for the ego), is a helpful way of determining what sort of contribution (monetary or otherwise) they are expecting.

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Multiple godparenting

Perhaps the person you're asking to be a godparent already has multiple godchildren whose spiritual guidance they are responsible for. In this case, you've made a good choice. But don't be offended if they feel they can't dedicate the time and energy required for just your child, as they need to share the love - and godparental responsibilities -- among their multiple charges.

Being a good godparent

Godparenting done right is a positive, productive and mutually beneficial relationship for both the godparent and the child. Communicating your expectations, the responsibilities involved and any specific religious requirements from the beginning will help pave the way for a successful godparenting experience. Being a godparent in 2018 means different things to different people but one thing's for sure - you will only get out of it what you put in. Honour those you have asked to care for your most precious gift with a personalised present from our exclusive new-to-market range of customised Godparent Gifts.

Happy Godparenting! X