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Planning the perfect engagement: A Valentine’s Day Guide

Planning the perfect engagement: A Valentine' Day Guide

Ready to pop the question to your special someone but having trouble planning it and deciding the best time to propose? And what better time than the most romantic day of the year? Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to propose and here we’ll tell you why.

Importantly, It's easy to keep the surprise from your partner as they won’t be suspicious about doing something romantic on Valentine’s Day. You can tell your partner enough information to get them free and on board with your plans, without the need for elaborate excuses or help from friends and family.

Assuming things go well, it also means you will get to celebrate the anniversary of your engagement together on future Valentine’s Days – making it that little bit extra special.

Planning the perfect Valentine’s Day engagement

So, if you’re looking for some ideas on how to plan the perfect marriage proposal that is both romantic, memorable, and personalised to suit your relationship on the most romantic day of the year, check out these top tips:

1. Choose the best location

Think of somewhere sentimental to the two of you, maybe where you went on your first date or one of the special places you go to spend time together, such as your favourite beach or restaurant. Get your partner on board with a Valentine’s Day date at your chosen spot, this will help keep the surprise and means you can focus on the rest of the planning.

Beach Marriage Proposal

2. Think about how you want to propose

As movies show, there are different ways of proposing, from simple and spur of the moment to elaborately planned, plane writing in the sky approaches, and everything between. It's all about what you think your partner would enjoy. Some might be embarrassed to be proposed to in a busy restaurant, others might want their family and friends there to share in the moment.

Whether you decide on an intimate proposal or something a bit more public, consider making your Valentine’s Day gift part of the proposal. You could personalise an Engraved Cheese Set with your names and the date and then get down on one knee as they’re reading it and wondering why you put the date on there.

Alternatively, you could give them their gift after the proposal so it can be a treasured reminder of your special moment, such as set of Engraved Engagement Wine or Champagne Glasses with a custom message of your choosing.

Paddle Chopping Board + BONUS Cheese Knife Set

3. Consider hiring a professional photographer

No matter where or how you’re going to propose the best way to make the moment memorable is to capture it by hiring a professional photographer. Photographers are used to shooting proposals and will know how to stay hidden and perfectly capture your special moment from afar.

Besides immortalising an amazing moment, photos of your proposal are great to have. You can use them on your Personalised Wedding Invitations, or if you’re all about surprises you could keep the photos a secret and gift them framed to your partner on your wedding day.

If you’re proposing somewhere off the beaten track and there’s no way to hide the photographer then you could tell your partner you’ve booked a Valentine’s Day photo shoot as their present and capture the look on their face by proposing mid-shoot.

Acrylic Wedding Photo Print with Engraved Wooden Base

4. Propose earlier in the date

By popping the question early on your Valentine’s Day date rather than at the end of the picnic, dinner, hike or whatever you have planned you will get the bit you’re probably a bit nervous about out of the way and you can both enjoy the rest of the day together as an engaged couple.

Your partner will also get to enjoy wearing and showing off their new ring on your date and you can have fun deciding how to share the happy news with your family and friends.

For more tips on planning the perfect engagement and all your personalised gift ideas to make it extra-special, head to

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