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What do you love most about your fiancée?

What do you love most about your fiancée?

We recently ran a competition and asked the question: what do you love most about your fiancée? We had such an overwhelming response with over 1000 fabulous answers; we couldn't possibly keep them to ourselves. We had a number of entries from females, AND MEN telling us what they loved most about their other half.

Here are some of the best ( and funniest ) answers we received from our lovely customers and facebook followers:

What do you love most about your fiancée?

He gave me the most precious thing in my life - my daughter !! Better than diamonds or flowers anyday - Bianca

My fiancée is my ROCK. Without him I would struggle. Through hard times we stuck together. Mostly I love that he makes my lunch everyday. - Samantha

The smell of her hair and skin when I wake up in the morning. I know it's where I belong - Chris

I love that no matter where in the world we have travelled to my favourite place is with her. - Harpreet

Everything! we can be 100% ourselves around each other, he doesn't judge me or my decisions and loves me regardless - Paige

He takes care of me.. He would do anything to protect my little sisters. He always writes little notes or brings maltesers when he knows I've had a tough time at work. - Apryl

To put simply, I'm a fiesty, hot blooded italian woman and he's the calming influence who mends my soul and makes me feel utterly and totally complete. - Melissa

His perserverance. After a car accident with broken ribs and spinal fractures, he still pushes through to make sure his family is fine. - Shirley

He is a veteran who has served twice in Afghanistan. It hasn't made his heart hard he would still help anyone. He stops if he sees an old lady need help with her groceries or someone falls over. He is selfless and funny and so handsome - Kirsty

He makes me smile by playing Hotline Bling by Drake when I'm stressed with wedding planning! - Irene

The way he can suprise me even after 8 years. - Maura

His butt. Hey! It is a pretty spectacular butt. - Olivia

I love the fact that my fiancee goes out of his way to do the small things in life like put the toilet seat back down.. love that guy x - Elizabeth

His smile, cuddles and that he pretends to be interested in all my wedding pins on Pinterest. - Ashlee

Meeting the love of your life at 14 years old is a blessing. I have watched him evolve into a loving, committed and gentle person. A loving mummy's boy and the future father of my children. - Amanda

The way his kilt blows up in the breeze and I get a glimpse of his cute naked bottom - Chantelle

I love his enthusiasm to explore the world with me. The constant adventures and the ups and downs that come with it. He is the calm to my worry and the confidence to my doubt. I love who we are when we're together. - Kadie

I love his love of life is inspiring and so infectious! Nathan is the best dad! i cannot wait to steal his last name! - Ashleigh

Boy can she make me laugh. Not giggle or titter.... but all out laugh.... tears streaming, bladder leaking... snorting laughter! - blake

I love that he persisted and kept trying to chase me for 7 years without giving up! Without him doing so, I would be so lost without him - grace

Even though he does the most farts out of anyone I know has loves me and cares for me with all his heart! - Isobelle

That he isn't my fiancé anymore, he's my husband and best mate and a wonderful father. We are solid as a rock! - Angela

What I love most about my fiancé is that says to me ' I still love you but' if we are having a disagreement or I am mad about something :) - Ashley

I love the way she smiles and jumps up and down with excitement when I come home from being away at work - Clint


I love the fact that I am once again in his arms. Re-United 25 years later.................and he kept his ring........all those years. - Jenny

That she's now my wife :) - Darren

Her resilience. She's been studying for years and she is determined to find work in her field with her qualifications - Jack

We play video games, we go to rock conerts, he is my best friend and the last piece in my puzzle! - Lauren

25 years ago she caught my eye. She caught my heart 25 years later. She owns my eyes And she owns my heart Forever. - Sonny

His smile when he watches me eat food that he cooks - Tugce

What I love the MOST is how he loves our children <3 a close second is his peach bum :)- Dayna

My Fiancée: (P)assionate (E)asy going (R)omantic (S)exy (O)utdoors-y (N)ice (A)lluring (L)oving (I)ntelligent (S)trong (E)mpathetic (D)ependable .......(F)unny (A)ffectionate (V)aliant (O)ptimistic (U)ncomplicated (R)esourceful (S)IMPLY LOVE EVERYTHING! - Belinda B

That he took on My 5 kids as his own. Most men would of ran ( Very fast.) He really is Amazing! - Natasha

I love her integrity and unwavering desire to help animals and people in need, she always puts others first - not all Super Heroes wear capes! - Robert

Her playful nature. Last night she farted in bed and tried to dutch oven me! - Jason

He lets me always be the one who is "right" - Lauren

I love the fact that she is truly my absolute best friend. I can tell her ANYTHING and I know I will never be judged. I love the feeling of when she walks through the door from work each and every day - Antonio

He is my equal SILLY! My fav part of the day is when he gets home from work and we greet each other with a totally ridiculous hug dance thing. Totally nuts for one another! - Nicole

His passion for love and our family. His gentleness and dreamer ways. His need of me and mine of him. His intelligence and growth ? - Nardia


Love is such a beautiful experience. It is so delightful that no matter what circumstances or hardships you go through in life, your partner will be always there for you. We hope you enjoyed reading these just as much we did. By: Melissa Wilkinson - Melissa is the founder of Personalised Favours. She is commonly sought for comment on all things wedding related and has worked closely with thousands of couples to create invitations, gifts and wedding favours that are truly unique.