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Wedding makeup styles

Wedding makeup styles

Every bride is beautiful on her wedding day. A major part of being a beautiful bride is feeling comfortable and confident in your choices and this includes your wedding makeup. If you're normally a fresh-faced gal then chances are you may not feel entirely at ease with a full face of heavy bridal makeup. Similarly if your signature look is fire engine lips and you opt for soft pastel shades on your big day you could feel naked or underdone.

We're not saying don't experiment with your wedding makeup, as after all if you can't be brave on your wedding day then when can you? But just remember to let your true self shine through - as this is the essence of real beauty.

Makeup for bohemian brides

If you consider a tinted sunscreen and a lick of mascara your complete beauty regime, chances are the full regiment of bridal makeup may leave you feeling like an overdressed clown. To avoid this circus catastrophe we recommend pairing subtle, natural eyeshades (think browns, beiges, taupes, possibly a touch of gold if you're really daring), with some softly smudged eyeliner (brown or a soft black), for a fresh and feminine look. Boho and rustic. Enhance your skin's natural glow with some highlighter and shimmer and keep lips, fingernails and toenails to nudes and light pastels to feel completely at ease for your main event.

Makeup for traditional brides

The traditional bride wants a church wedding, expects the groom in nothing less than a four-piece tuxedo and wouldn't dream of serving stand-up noodle boxes in place of an a la carte alternate selection for her reception dinner. If this sounds like you then clean, classic makeup will be your forte. The classic look is epitomised by rosy cheeks and glossy, glowing lips. It works best when baby-pink blushes are combined with pastel pouts. Eyes are highlighted with shimmery shades and no one feature is overdone to create a clean and balanced look that accentuates the beauty of the traditional bride.

Makeup for glamorous brides

Glamour brides no how to make the most of their best features and they aren't afraid of big, bold makeup statements. Confidence is key to pulling off this look and when it's done right, it's a complete showstopper. Eyes are defined with jet-black liner, lashes are full and shadow is rich. Heavy contouring highlights cheekbones and gives definition to facial structure. Top it off with a sultry smile enhanced by bold lipstick and liner in bright shades of red, pink or even mulberry.

Makeup for brides of every era

Many brides today are taking inspiration from bygone eras; channelling the spirit of timeless beauty icons whose appeal resonates through the ages. If you are taking inspiration from those who have gone before us, remember to mix and match it up so it doesn't end up looking like a Halloween costume. Current favourites include; cat eyes, false eyelashes, retro lips, smudged and smoky liner, and even a sprinkling of glitter. Whatever tickles your fancy, remember to remain true to you and that's when you will be at your beautiful best.

Makeup for every bride

When you've found the makeup style that's right for you, find every other detail to make your wedding day truly beautiful at: