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Top 6 Baby Shower Gift Ideas for 2019

Top 6 Baby Shower Gift Ideas for 2019

Buying for a new baby – or more accurately, their parents-to-be – can be a tad tricky: you want to get something pretty and practical, but you’re also pretty sure they’ll receive enough baby wipes and cotton washcloths to last them several lifetimes. For modern baby shower presents, It's time to look a little outside the box. To make sure your next purchase doesn’t end up on the ‘regifting’ pile, first check out this list of 2019’s top six baby shower gift ideas… the new parents (and your wallet!) will be pleased you did.

  1. A long-lasting memento they’ll treasure

If you’ve already got a bub of your own, you’ll know that you can become completely overwhelmed with presents when your baby shower rolls around. Although we’re sure the 100+ size zero party dresses are well intended (and will be very gladly accepted!), babies are well-known to grow out of these special gifts before they ever make it out the door. Instead of another outfit, pass on a present that the parents-to-be can treasure for many moons to come. A gorgeous Wooden Keepsake Jewellery Box is the perfect gift for little princesses - especially when It's engraved with your own personalised message. Each box is made of honey-brown maple and will stay functional as the baby grows – holding everything from a lock of hair from their first haircut, to a sentimental piece of jewellery they might receive on a milestone birthday. In the newborn haze, it can also be all too easy to misplace important bits of paperwork… and then, 18 months later, stop and ask yourself: “just where did that birth certificate go?” An Engraved Pewter Birth Certificate Holder is a stylish bit of home décor that solves this little problem. A must-have for every new mum and dad, It's the perfect way to keep your new bundle of joy’s birth certificate safe. Each one also has its own stand for easy display, and comes carefully packaged in a beautiful, satin-lined gift box.

  1. A personalised pressie for the super-organised parents

Do you know a pair of new parents that had their child’s name picked and ready to go right after the first sonogram? Well, you’ve encountered a pair of super-organised parents. If you know the name of the baby-to-be already, a personalised, decorative piece for the nursery is a great choice for a present, like this Printed Bamboo Wall Plaque. A unique décor gift, It's made from premium bamboo, with a neutral look that’ll suit any nursery theme. You can choose what to print on the plaque, from a simple name and birth date, to a beautiful family photo (or maybe even that first sonogram, if you can get your hands on a copy!) For another personalised option, gift the baby-to-be their own Personalised Wooden Baby Bunting for display in their nursery - each letter or character is professionally laser engraved on to 3mm thick honey-brown wood and strung together with a simple woven cord.

  1. Something unique for the baby who (already!) has it all

Some babies already have a bigger wardrobe than most of us before they even turn one, and in these cases, there’s no doubt the parents have purchased every piece of clothing and equipment one could wish for. Instead, It's time to think outside the box – or in the case of these Laser Cut and Engraved Wooden Tooth Boxes, right inside of it. Each one is professionally laser cut, and once engraved with the child’s name, is a beautiful piece of decoration that’s also functional: simply place the tooth inside the box and overnight, it will turn into dollar coins. Oh, the magic of the tooth fairy! Sure, bub might not be at the stage that they’ll be losing teeth anytime soon, but they can pop this present in the wardrobe to be revealed when the time is right. And with a gift as unique and forward-thinking as this, you can be sure they won’t be unwrapping two of the same at the shower.

  1. A gift that will grow with bub

Instead of another newborn-focused present, you might like to look a little further into the future… that way, your gift won’t get lost in a sea of tiny mittens and soft toys. This Engraved Wooden Animal Memory Game is a sweet, personalised present that will look great in a child’s bedroom until they’re ready to pull it out and play, as the pieces are stored in a drawstring calico bag that’s personalised with the child’s name Featuring 18 round wooden circles that are laser cut and engraved with animal designs, it’ll be a great way for this lucky kid to have fun while improving their memory and cognition.

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