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Top 5 Trends in Wedding Invitations for 2017

Top 5 Trends in Wedding Invitations for 2017

Now that personalised #hashtags are de rigueur, and having your own Snapchat filter is commonplace, the process of planning your wedding day is becoming far more individualised than renting out the local hall for a big, boozy party with your nearest and dearest. The World Wide Web has left us all spoilt for choice, and it can be hard to know which direction to turn - for some, it can even leave us wishing we'd decided to jump on the next flight to Vegas to be married to the strains of Love Me Tender.

Today, the most important rule in wedding admin (or 'weddmin', as it's known) is to make choices that feel authentic for you, and the easiest way to do this is by thinking about your wedding's unique personality and individual theme. While it doesn't have to be too distinct , it's no longer standard for a beachside bash to make liberal use of seashells, starfish and sand , it should focus on the two of you, both as individuals, and as the couple you've become.

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From the food and wine, to the place cards and bonbonniere, today's brides and grooms are stepping it up in their quest to make their wedding day as uniquely 'them' as possible. But how do you get started? First, picture your wedding day and the environment you want to create, as well as the two of you as a couple. Do you like nothing better than whipping up treats together from Nigella Lawson's latest, or would you sooner go on a long bushwalk than be stuck inside for a day? As a couple, are you homebodies that value keepsakes and memories, or do you see your big day as an all-out party (with a ring exchange thrown in for good measure?) Once you've narrowed it down, it's time to think about how this personal style could be best presented on paper. Here we share with you the top five trends in wedding invitations for 2017. All you have to do is decide which suits you best.

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Invitation Trend 1: Simple and Stunning

For those wanting a timeless look, engraved wedding invitations are taking hand-lettering to the next level. You'll find a myriad of options available, including customised wooden engraving - perfect for a wedding that's taking place in a winery, where barrels and vineyards are the order of the day. Engraved acrylic invitations are another on-trend alternative to your standard paper invite, and are available in a variety of colours, hues and shapes. Want to take it to the luxe limit? Try a custom-engraved square invite in a super shiny gold , it's bound to stand out on any refrigerator.

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Invitation Trend 2: Keep(sake) it Quirky

We've all received the very early wedding invite that starts out displayed proudly on the fridge, before slowly making its way to the kitchen drawer. Avoid this fate by checking out the myriad of fun, alternative invitation options that are now readily available. Want to encourage your guests to toast to your impending marriage? Try printing the details on a bottle of your favourite wine or champagne, or engrave them on a puzzle, so your guests can put it all together to learn the details for your big day.

Invitation Trend 3: Off With a Bang

Some of the best weddings are the ones that don't take themselves too seriously. If you have some great photos of the two of you in fancy dress, invites featuring these fun images can really let people know that they're in for a good time. Or, if you and your partner are still kids at heart, you could print your wedding details on a big balloon, deflate it, and then watch as your guests huff and puff for the big reveal!

Invitation Trend 4: It's Only Natural

A boho, vintage or rustic look will let your guests know that they're in for a relaxed, informal celebration of your love. This natural vibe is perfectly paired with personalised wooden-engraved custom invites. Seek out recycled pieces, and invest in some natural materials, such as twine or pressed flowers, to complete the look.

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Invitation Trend 5: Personal and Practical

Kick-start your wedding stationery, with a personalised and practical Save-The-Date item. Everyday, household objects including bookmarks, keyrings and even pencils, are being used to give guests their first impression of your big day. In addition to doubling as useful, well-used pieces , these practical invite items keep the details of your upcoming nuptials in the forefront your guest's minds - one reason we predict this wedding invite trend will be sticking around for quite some time.

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Above all, it'at your guests are coming to celebrate? Now you're across the top wedding invitation trends for 2017, shop customised invites and other on trend details at