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Top 5 Easter Treats that DON’T include Chocolate

Top 5 Easter Treats that DON’T include Chocolate

Are you or someone in your household one of the few people who dislike chocolate? Or maybe you think the kids will be gifted plenty of chocolate and are looking to mix it up this Easter? Either way, we’ve got plenty of ideas to help you make this your best Easter yet.

Engraved Wooden Bunny Rabbit Money Box

Keep reading for our top five Easter treat ideas that don’t include chocolate:

1. DIY ice cream bar
An ice cream bar is the ideal finish line for an Easter scavenger hunt, or just an afternoon Easter surprise your kids will love. If you want to make it your Easter hunt finale make it extra special with a customised bamboo Easter hunt arrow sign to decorate your table. Put out ice cream, and cones or bowls, and a variety of different toppings so kids young and old can get involved and create their own special Easter treats.

Top tip: Grilled fruit such as strawberries or bananas makes a delicious but healthy topping.

2. Kitchen bake off
Add a touch of competition to your Easter celebrations with a household bake off. Choose a recipe such as cupcakes or cookies and become the Bake-Off Judge, while supervising the kids baking and decorating their Easter treats. Decorate your kitchen for the occasion with personalised details such as an Easter bunny printed wooden decoration.

3. High tea at home
Use the treats from your Bake-Off or buy some Easter treats and set up a high tea your kids won’t want to be late for. We recommend watching Alice in Wonderland the day before and using this as your theme. This means eccentric clothes, mismatching cups, teapots, and plates of colourful treats. No one will be missing the chocolate at this party.

4. Backyard picnic
A simple way to make any food exciting is to eat it while on a picnic. Even if that picnic is a blanket in the backyard, letting the kids choose a picnic menu or decorate some of the Easter treats they will be taking is an easy way to have some non-chocolate Easter fun.

To give the picnic an Easter theme, pack the treats in a basket if you have one or use a decoration such as this personalised Easter basket, which could help make picnics a new family Easter tradition.

Easter Basket with Engraved Wooden Gift Tag

5. Brunch and DIY pancake toppings
After the kids have woken up and discovered what the Easter Bunny has left for them, tell them they are invited to brunch but will need to decorate their own pancakes. Set the table with a stack of pancakes and a variety of toppings such as fruit, maple syrup, ice cream and jam, and watch the morning Easter fun unfold.

For Easter gift giving, whether you are giving chocolate or home baked treats or toys, you could make it extra special by labelling the presents with this personalised printed wooden Easter gift tag, or presenting them in this cute customised Easter drawstring bag that becomes part of the present.

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