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They spent what!? Inside the average cost of an Aussie wedding (and how you can bag a bargain)

They spent what!? Inside the average cost of an Aussie wedding (and how you can bag a bargain)

Are you planning a wedding and wondering if you’re coming in under – or over – the budget of a standard Australian bash? According to a recent survey by, the average couple is spending $53,168 on their wedding.

While this might seem like a bit of a staggering number, the survey also showed that couples’ priorities are shifting, with a new wave of savvy shoppers bagging their bargains online. Here, we give you a sneak peek into what other betrothed couples are spending on their big day, and share some tips and tricks to help you get big style on a smaller budget.

Cost 1: The stationery and invites

According to the survey, the average couple is spending about $784 just to get the word out about their celebration.

When you think about the fact that brides and grooms often like to send out ‘save the date’ cards as well as your standard invites, It's easy to see how the bill could start racking up.

If you’re keen on some super stationery but starting to feel like It's not in the budget, an all-in-one Engraved Wooden Wedding Invitation Package could be your saving grace.

It includes ‘save the date’ cards with a magnet on the back, magnetic, engraved wooden invites, envelopes, double-sided RSVP stickers, and printed wishing well cards.

wooden wedding invite package

Cost 2: The wedding cake

While it can be a little harder to online-shop your way into a savvy cake saving, you can always find ways to tighten the belt in other places. found that the average couple spends a whopping $955 on their wedding cake, so if you’re going to go all-out on the dessert, you’ll want to finish it off with something eye-catching.

For a good quality (but low-cost) Cake Topper, it pays to go online – and from brushed gold to wooden options, you’re sure to find something to suit your theme, décor and style.

cake topper wedding

Cost 3: The venue

A venue is undoubtedly one of the costliest parts of any wedding, and when you’ve got your heart set on a location, you’re probably willing to pay any price they command.’s survey noted that the average venue costs $21,958, so when you’re planning on your decorations, you’ll want something that has a maximum impact for minimum cost.

Again, be sure to head online for your Decorations and Banners, where you can find everything from reception welcome signs and table numbers, to guest books and wishing wells, at half the price you’d pay in a retail store.

rustic wedding bride

Cost 4: The ring

When you add together the cost of an engagement ring and a wedding band, things can start to look pricey. In fact, found that the average spend for engagement rings was $11,753, while wedding bands came in at $3,854.

The survey also showed that grooms are still splurging on both the ring and proposal, with Instagram size, cut and clarity comparisons the likely culprit!

While you probably don’t want to downsize on your bling, you could think about savvy ways to present and store this all-important jewel on the big day and beyond.

A beautiful Engraved Wooden Wedding Ring Keepsake Box is a smart choice to present the ring on your wedding day and keep it safe in the years that follow.

wooden ring box

Cost 5: The dress

It's the outfit that brides have dreamt about since they were little girls, so of course, they’re willing to spend up big – says the average cost of a gown is $5,260.

So with your accessories, you might want to try to get a bargain where you can. For beachy weddings, skip the pricey designer shoes and opt for some Barefoot Sand Jewels, or bling up your ears for less with these Crystal Bridal Party Earrings.

For the boys, a set of personalised Bridal Party Cufflinks are the perfect  accessory, gift and memento all in one.

bride and bridesmaid

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