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"Roses are red and violets are blue, but vodka costs less than dinner for two."

"Roses are red and violets are blue, but vodka costs less than dinner for two."

Whether it's 'Anti-Valentine's Day', 'Singles Awareness Day' or 'Galentine's Day', across the world, those who are unlucky in love are reclaiming the sickly-sweet celebrations in ways that suit them. In honour of 'Singles Day'  on 11 November - terribly named because the date 11 / 11 looks like some lonely, bare sticks - we're rewriting the singledom story, and showing you how to celebrate your solo self in three easy steps. 

Step One: Shop up a storm, because there's nobody there to judge you

Here's a puzzle for you: what would you say is the biggest shopping day in China? It's not the Boxing Day sales like here in Aus, and they don't head off to trample each other in the 'Black Friday' sales like our American cousins, either. Instead, the biggest retail day of the calendar is 'Singles Day' on 11 November. There are online flash sales aplenty and deals to be found in stores, as single Chinese guys and girls turn to retail therapy to ward off their blues. And we say, why not? After all, when you're the sole earner in your household, there's no one to judge you over your unwise purchases. So take a leaf out of the Chinese calendar and celebrate Anti-Valentine's Day by buying yourself a present, like this quirky candle that doubles as a warning to all future beaus.


Step Two: Indulge in your favourite vice (no matter the price tag)

One of the worst things about being in a long-term partnership is that you have to keep your deepest, darkest vice a secret. Whether it's taking a 45-minute shower to sit on the floor and think about nothing, spending up big on designer cheeses with names you can't pronounce, or letting it all hang out as you dance around your living room sans clothing - some things are meant to just be kept between you, yourself, and numero uno. So, if you're single on 11 November, this is your time. Order that all-too-expensive bottle of vino, keep it all for yourself, and think about your betrothed brothers and sisters who've had to hide the receipts from their significant other. Better yet, you could drink it out of a personalised glass that can hold a whole bottle of wine- just be sure to do your online shopping before you knock back the bottle of red.

Step Three: Stay in bed allllllll day Look, you've just spend a Friday night working hard (by smashing a bottle of wine and making a small dent in your credit card). You deserve a day off. But don't just lay in your old bedsheets, surrounded by empty chip packets and toast crumbs. You're single and for once in your life, your time is your own, so make the most of it. Change your bedsheets, charge up your laptop, and pop on something that makes you feel your best, like these luxe pyjamas with personalised embroidery. With a comfy bed and a food delivery app on your phone, the world is your (lazy) oyster - no human contact required.

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