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Four Reasons Post-COVID Weddings Are More Wonderful Than Ever

Four Reasons Post-COVID Weddings Are More Wonderful Than Ever

If you had planned on getting married over the past couple of years, we really feel for you - It's been a tough ol’ time, with so many brides and grooms having to postpone, shift or ditch their previous plans. 

But while there’s no doubt we’re happy to see the back of lockdowns, the experience taught us all a thing or two about what’s most important in our lives.

Now that we’ve done away with Zoom ceremonies and socially distanced dancefloors, It's become clear that - in many cases - post-COVID weddings have changed for the better.

1. Seasons, schmeasons: get hitched when you like!

Spring and autumn have always been the most popular seasons for weddings, but it meant that vendors, venues and suppliers were able to charge a peak-time premium.

The pandemic flipped the concept of the ‘wedding season’ on its head, and now, getting married in a non-traditional time of year allows you to get a lot more bang for your buck.

Of course, there’s never been a ‘bad’ time of year to get married, and in a post-COVID world, we’re all just thankful we can say I do… whether the weather is perfect or not.

Opting for a high-summer soirée or a mid-winter wedding? No problem. Just be sure to provide your guests with umbrellas if it looks like rain, or personalised Engraved Wooden Wedding Fans or Engraved Wedding Sunglasses to keep them cool.

2. A Wednesday wedding? We say ‘oui’

Another unexpected post-pandemic benefit is that a weekday wedding isn’t such a faux pas anymore.

With less demand for venues and vendors on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, a mid-week wedding can mean lower costs for you and your guests – and we call that a win/win.

Worried about your besties getting time off work to attend? Flexible arrangements, work-from-home offices and time in lieu have all allowed many people to get creative with their leave time, too.

Plus, after so much time apart… a multi-day, mid-week, in-person party with our nearest and dearest sounds like a dream. Just don’t forget to get them each a personalised Hangover Wedding Kits for the morning after!

3. Bigger isn’t always better

Once upon a time, the idea of having a small guestlist would’ve cause outrage amongst many families (and potentially ended in fisticuffs).

Now? It's totally acceptable to shorten your list. In fact, many people are opting to only have immediate family and a few BFFs present on their big day.

Think of it like this: there are far better ways for you to spend your hard-earned cash than paying for your mum’s colleague to eat, drink and dance on your d-floor.

With a smaller guest list, it means you can also treat your guests to personalised favours, or get more luxe groomsman and bridesmaid gifts, like these popular Engraved Bridal Party Beer Mugs and Leatherette Barmates.

Above all, It's your day, your way. Brides and grooms are getting savvier, and long-held, outdated traditions are falling by the wayside.

And what if you only want to invite your dog? No worries there, either. Just make his trot down the aisle extra-special with an Engraved Wooden Wedding Pet Sign.

4. Prioritising the personal touch

It's really easy to get caught up in the fanfare that surrounds a wedding, or to hand over every bit of control to vendors and well-meaning family and friends.

But in the post-COVID wedding world… It's the thought that counts.

When we couldn’t be there to celebrate births, Christenings or birthdays, it was the personal touches that let people know we cared.

And now, people are opting to get extra-personal with their wedding favours, glassware, gifts and stationery and accessories, too.

A smaller ceremony and reception will let you focus on the many finer details your guests will remember, like the gift of an Engraved Wedding Shot Glass or Engraved Wedding Stemless Wine Glass to toast your love, or a personalised Credit Card Bottle Opener Wedding Favour to take home.

For the most perfect, personalised favours, gifts, stationery and accessories for weddings in 2022 and beyond, head to Personalised Favours.

Team PF. X

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