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Anniversary Gifts By Year

Anniversary Gifts By Year

Every anniversary is a milestone and worthy of recognition that you and your other half have survived another year loving, laughing, and doing life together.

You might celebrate by reminiscing on your wedding vows or immortalising ‘your song’, but however you want to acknowledge your special day, be sure to make it count!

To help you find the best wedding anniversary gifts for every year of marriage, we’ve put together this helpful guide, so you know exactly what to buy for every marriage milestone. 

1st Year Wedding Anniversary: Paper and Clocks

Traditionally, first year wedding anniversaries were recognised by paper gifts: letters, cards and love notes. While we’re always a fan of the handwritten love letter, in modern times, the first year of marriage is traditionally celebrated by a clock or timepiece, to mark this important passage of time in your lives.

Engraved Vintage Inspired Pocket Watch
5th Year Wedding Anniversary: Wood and Silverware

Making half a decade of marriage sure is something to celebrate and whether you choose the more traditional option (wood) or the more modern silverware, we figure It's a win-win.

Wood offers everything from serving up his or her favourite platter to framing special memories of your best moments together.

Silverware comes in all shapes and sizes, and we’d also recommend a wooden and silverware combo, just to make sure all bases are covered.

Paddle Chopping Board + Cheese Knife Set

10th Year Wedding Anniversary: Tin/Aluminium and Diamond Jewellery

Now, not sure about you but we’d say a statement piece of diamond jewellery might win out over a sheet of tin or aluminium any day?

You can win extra brownie points by housing that new 18-carat stunner in its own personalised statement piece ring box: perfect for housing rings, earrings or wedding bands, and custom engraved with your own special message for your dearly betrothed.

Engraved Round Wooden Ring Box

15th Year Wedding Anniversary: Crystal and Watches

Congratulations! It's time to give yourselves a pat on the back, as you’ve survived longer than the average marriage lasts in Australia, which is currently around 12 years: a sobering statistic indeed.

Now It's time to celebrate this achievement with special pieces such as a finely cut crystal decanter set or a classic timepiece, similar to when you were just starting out at the one-year mark.

Engraved Wooden Gift Boxed Crystal Cut Premium Decanter, Scotch Glasses and Whiskey Stone Set

20th Wedding Anniversary: China and Platinum

When you reach double decades, you can reach for the fine china and add to your plate collection or go the more modern route, with a platinum piece.

If neither of these sound like a suitable option, you can always celebrate with a romantic picnic for two and toast to another twenty years of wedded bliss!

Bamboo Picnic Table with two Wine Glasses

25th Wedding Anniversary: Silver or … Silver!

There’s no denying it: traditionalists and modern marriage experts agree that a quarter of a century together can only be commemorated with sterling silver to signify the unbreakable bond that it is.

We’re not sure if this is exactly what they had in mind, but we have no doubt this sterling silver special will be a popular choice for many quarter-century spouses. If you’re looking for something a little more sentimental, a customised sterling silver jewellery box makes for a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

30th Wedding Anniversary: Pearls and Diamonds

Fair enough, making it to your third decade of marriage can only be celebrated with a precious gem. As rare as a polished ocean pearl and as elusive as a flawless diamond, 30 years of marriage deserves an extra special gift.

Engraved Wooden Gift Boxed Etched Globe Decanter & Whiskey Glasses

40th Wedding Anniversary: Rubies all ‘round

Again, the experts agree: if you hang in there long enough to make four decades of marriage you need to celebrate with something the colour of love. Interestingly, rubies also represent courage, which might also explain why they’re representative of a 40-year union!

Engraved Wooden Rose with Clear Acrylic Stand

50th Wedding Anniversary: GOLD!

You’ve hit the jackpot, baby! If you’re lucky enough to be together with the one you love for 50 years of marriage, all the gold in the world can’t equal the highs and lows, laughter and tears, and countless memorable moments that make up five decades of marriage.

In this case, the best gift of all is saying ‘I love you’ to the one who has stood beside you for a lifetime.

The Best Anniversary Gifts for Every Year of Marriage

So, whether you’re celebrating four or forty years of marriage, you can find a beautiful, unique and bespoke anniversary gift for  your better half at Personalised Favours.

Engraved Anniversary 360ml Wine Glass

And just like the secret to a happy marriage, making it meaningful and memorable for both of you is what really matters in the end.

Team PF. X

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