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Miss PF's top 5 secrets to enjoying your wedding day

If your big day is approaching and you're feeling the heat (understandably) don't worry! I have some great tips and guidelines to embrace to reduce the stress and really enjoy the moments through-out your day. It is inevitable that some things have to be left to the last minute and there are some things you won't always have control over. Ladies, you're not alone and this is pretty normal for most brides and some grooms too! 

I hear from lots of brides and many say whilst it was the best day of their life, they wish they could of enjoyed the "moments" and let the day sink in. Once bride said 'it is when you look through your photos and videos of your day, that you go oh wow! I couldn't even remember that'.

REST IS BEST: Ok, I know a little pre-wedding celebration might be on the cards, although this is good, try and get a good night's rest and rise at a decent time ( don't sleep in too long, you may feel drowsy ). Start the day with a nutritious breakfast and fill up! It is important to EAT as you remain more focused and alert. I know if I don't eat I become grumpy ha ha.

how I met your mother beauty-sleepbreakfast

LIFESAVERS: Bridal survival kit! Pack one of these, they will save you! me. These kits can be made up of all the little odd and ends which can be life savers during the day. Miss PF’s survival kit recommendations: mini sewing kit, disposable ballet flats, Panadol, lipstick, mini perfume, floss, band aids, bobby pins, straws, tweezers, mints, make-up remover, eye-drops, hairspray, super glue and most importantly a mini bottle of your favourite spirit to calm the nerves.

bandaid absolute-mini-bottle pins

TASK HELPERS: Get help from your Bridesmaids! Any last minute checks or tasks to do can be kindly delegated to your ladies. This will take a little stress off and give you time to focus on getting ready.

bride-champagne tea-time bridesmaid-assisting-1

ME, MYSELF & I: Take a moment! It is important among the chaos and excitement to take a moment to yourself, whether it be going for a short stroll, getting some fresh air or laying down for 5 minutes. Take deep breaths and imagine your grooms face when he sees you walking down the aisle or picture the funny dance moves your cracker-jack uncle will show-off on the dance floor. Remember to laugh, relax and enjoy the moments together.

bride-reflection-2 bride-reflection-1 bride-moment

Listen to some music while getting ready, songs that remind you of your man or songs that make you happy! This will lighten everyone up and put you in a good mood. Sing as you get ready or crack out a few dance moves!

jump-on-bed bridal-party-bed groomsman-cheers

Remember! 'A wedding is a party, not a performance. If at the end of the day you are married to the one you love, then everything went perfectly.'

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Miss PF x