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Man Cave Must-Haves: 7 items no guy can go without

Man Cave Must-Haves: 7 items no guy can go without

man cave

Every man needs a cave. A den. A sanctuary from the outside world. A place to call his own.

Creating the ultimate man cave comes down to a combination of the right ingredients to give your guy his own special refuge.

We go on a journey to uncover the top seven Man Cave must-haves to ensure his special sanctuary ticks all the boxes and keeps him refreshed and raring to go when he returns to the outside world.

7 Man Cave Must-Haves No Guy Can Go Without

1. Quench his thirst

Let’s face it: no man cave is complete without a few of his favourite beverages. And in a large majority of cases this equals beer. And what could be better than sipping (or slurping) his choice of ale from an Engraved 425ml Man Cave Schooner Glass?

Customise this essential man cave accessory by having his name, nickname or other personal details professionally engraved on this quality European glassware gift and you’re definitely going to make your man a happy one.

man cave schooner glass

2. Equip him with quirky accessories 

The ideal man cave should be a source of pride, as well as solitude, so he can show off when his mates come ‘round. Quirky accessories and go-to gadgets form the foundation of any successful man cave – especially when they involve alcohol!

It doesn’t have to be Father’s Day to spoil him with an Engraved 1.5L Wooden Oak Spirit Wine Barrel, but this will make a clever and customised Man Cave accessory he can show off to his mates.

3. Make it homely

It's the little details that can make all the difference to create an extraordinary Man Cave. Deck him out with fun and functional bits and pieces to create a comfortable and comforting space for him to relax and unwind.

Engraved 4-Piece Wooden Coaster Boxed Gift Sets make a great birthday, anniversary or other special occasion gift to really make his Man Cave home. Personalise with his name or nickname amongst humorous inscriptions including “Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder” or the sentimental “I want to beer with you.”

4. Make it a place for his furry friends too

If Man’s Best Friend is made welcome in his Man Cave, it’ll be a much happier place for both of them. Make it easy for Spot or Sparky to cuddle up next to his best mate in their own special den.

Dog beds, pet cushions and an Engraved Wooden Pet Sign to show everyone the lay of the land will go a long way in making his Man Cave a magical place.

wooden pet sign

5. Include the finer things in life

If your man prefers some of the finer things in life, why not equip his Cave with some of the special stuff? Grab a bottle of his favourite spirit and pair it with an Engraved Barware Man Cave Scotch Glass to really hit the mark.

This premium European glassware product can be professionally engraved with his name, personal details and your choice of artwork or font design to create a bespoke barware addition for his home sanctuary.

6. Celebrate special occasions

If your man’s favourite time to hole up in his Man Cave is for special occasions such as the State of Origin, supply him with the tools he needs to make this an extra special event.

Limited Edition 500ml State of Origin Beer Steins, Bottle Openers and Bar Mates come customised with his name, personal details and a shout out to his team of choice to really make this State of Origin one to remember!

bullet bottle opener

7. Serve it up

Set the rules of his Man Cave from the get-go and serve him up a practical and personalised gift such as an Engraved Barware Wooden Serving Paddle Board.

Crafted from quality Acacia wood and expertly engraved with ‘The Rules of The Bar’ this customised piece can be proudly displayed in his Man Cave or Home Bar, when It's not being used to present nibbles and treats before a big game.

Man Cave Must-Haves and More…

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