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5 ways to create unforgettable wedding favours

5 ways to create unforgettable wedding favours

 Wedding favours are a way to say thank you to your loved ones for the part they have played in not only your nuptial celebrations, but your life to date. Rather than impractical, impersonal favours that will be left on the table when the festivities have faded; we show you five ways to create unforgettable wedding favours that sincerely express your gratitude and are guaranteed to go home with your guests.

1. Use it

Wedding favours that can be used in the world beyond the wedding are always a big hit with guests. If you're getting married in the middle of summer, items such as Hangover Kits, wooden wedding fans, customised beach thongs or stubby holders to keep your beer cold go a long way. Similarly, winter weddings may see you providing wraps, gloves or even slippers for tired, post-dancefloor feet. Personalise these presents with your own special message, artwork or design to provide a practical gift with a personal touch.

2. Frame it

There's nothing like a beautifully crafted picture frame to show your guests how much they mean to you, but what's even better is including a photo of yourself and your guest together to show what a special part they have played in your life. These favours can also be used as placeholders at your wedding reception to create conversation and make every guest feel important.

3. Drink it

While guests will love cheeky gifts including hip flasks, champagne flutes or beer mugs, what they will appreciate even more is if these items contained their favourite beverage to consume now or later on.

4. Play it

Appeal to their inner athlete and their sense of fun with quirky favours containing customised messages. Think everything from CDs, golf balls to gym socks to offer wedding favours that certainly won't be forgotten!

5. Write it

Accompany your wedding favours with a hand-written note for every guest describing why you love having them at your wedding and thanking them for sharing in your special memories. There may not be a dry eye in the house, but these gifts are guaranteed not to get left behind.

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Images sourced from Pinterest and Personalised Favours