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3 Best and Worst Father's Day Gifts of 2016

3 Best and Worst Father's Day Gifts of 2016

Father's Day is sneaking up on us again. This is one day of the year we can truly appreciate our Dad and everything he does for us. So instead of rushing out to buy yet another fluorescent tie that will linger in the back of the cupboard, six pack of sports socks or a 'World's Best Dad' oversize coffee mug, why not get him something he might actually use (or even appreciate)? To help you avoid the useless (and give you some good ideas), we take a look at the three best and worst Father's Day gifts of 2016.

Best and Worst Father's Day Gifts of 2016 

Ok let's start with the bad stuff. There is no doubt most of us are guilty of purchasing one of the following offending items at some point in our Father's Day present-buying history:

  1. Beer
    All Dads like beer. Well, all the ones we know anyway. But nothing says last-minute more than a lukewarm six pack grabbed from the shelf on your way to your old man's for Father's Day Brunch. A little more effort might go a long way.
  1. BBQ Apron
    Does anyone's Dad really cook snags on the barbie in one of those ill-fitting plastic BBQ aprons featuring less than humorous slogans and offensive graphics? If so, it may be time for a complete wardrobe overhaul. If you are thinking of purchasing one of these, or any item of novelty 'Dad' attire, two words: please don't.

  2. The latest Adele CD
    Just because you enjoy belting out ballads of love gone wrong at the top of your lungs while cruising around in your corolla, doesn't mean you need to subject your father to this same fate. This advice is the same for any books, music or DVD series you may purchase simply for your own personal pleasure. Be nice to your Dad; after all, it's Father's Day.

3 Best Father's Day Gifts of 2016

So now we've got that out of the way, let's look at some gifts that will be sure to cement your place as the Golden Child this Father's Day:

  1. Personally engraved Beer Mug It has been previously agreed that all Dad's we know love beer. So replace the standard six pack with a personally engraved 500 ml beer mug so Dad can enjoy his favourite brew. Add his name and your own special message for real bonus points this Father's Day.
  1. Engraved BBQ set Ditch the apron and help Dad cook up the snags in style, with a flipping fantastic three-piece quality BBQ set that features personal engraving on each piece. Way to get in the good books!
  1. The Bullet bottle opener key ring Dads are practical creatures. And they love a good two-for-one deal. So why not get them something they will use on a regular basis that can be attached to their keys for easy identification and accessibility? (Except of course, when they lose them). Adding your own personal message will make this a truly memorable Father's Day gift.