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2015 Christmas Business Gift Guide - Please not another pen -

2015 Christmas Business Gift Guide - Please not another pen -

Christmas is a time for gift giving for many businesses and choosing the right gift for your staff, business partner, associates or customers is very important. Personalisation is a huge topic right now. A large percentage of the buying experience is based on how the customer or client is treated. In an age where we are constantly connected, we need to touch base directly with the customer and a gift this Christmas that is truly thoughtful and personalised just for them.

Personalised gifts work really well and they also ensure your business maintains a personal identity and a high level of customer satisfaction. The familiarity and knowledge that comes with gifts that are personalised brings customers back to your store, business and/or service.

To save you time this festive season, we have created this corporate gift guide to help you choose the best Corporate Christmas Gifts for 2015:


Wooden Christmas Decoration Don’t be boring, that’s never fun. Be daring and different this year and choose an engraved wooden Christmas decoration to give your colleagues rather than a paper Christmas card. With many Christmas cards recycled each year, the engraved wooden decoration is a nice alternative and memento to keep.


Whether it be a corporate gala day, retirement party, company Christmas party or promotional event, Personalised Favours has a complete range of engraved glassware gifts available. Add your logo and special message to any of our glasses for a gift that is always well received.

The top glasses this Christmas are: - Engraved Mason Jar - Engraved Wine Glasses - Engraved Shot Glasses - Engraved Beer Glasses


Thinking of giving a gift to the CEO or boss this year? We have you covered. Shopping for your boss can often be difficult. The perfect gift to give your boss needs to be a little personal and suit your boss’s interests; but it also needs to be affordable and useful.

Here are some fun and unique gift ideas to give your boss this holiday season.

- Engraved Deluxe Decanter - Christmas Hamper for HIM/HER

Everyone appreciates a good drink now and again, so the engraved whiskey decanter is perfect if your boss loves a drink. The decanter is 700ml (23.67ounces), and is ideal for whiskey, scotch, or bourbon

drinkers. The decanter features a suction-sealed lid to ensure your favourite spirit remains in perfect condition. We have also created two hampers which include our most popular products. This premium product comes with a very affordable price tag and will ensure you are front of mind come promotion time.


- Engraved Water bottle - Credit Card bottle Opener

Useful gifts are very popular Christmas gift ideas. If you know the person you are gifting loves to travel, play sport or enjoy a drink, then the Engraved Sports water bottle or compact credit card bottle openers are the perfect choice. They are both able to be engraved with the company logo or a custom design. They are sure to get plenty of attention with friends and family.


- Corporate Christmas Hamper

With the end of the year upon us, thank you gifts celebrating a successful 2015 are a must. The top Christmas thank you gift is the Hamper. Rejoice in the achievements made by your co-workers this year or strengthen business relationships with our corporate Christmas hamper. This opulent hamper has been professionally engraved with our most popular festive design. We have selected our most premium products that includes our luxurious cheese paddle board, wine and champagne display box and your choice of exceptional matching European wine or champagne glasses. Accompanied with your logo and thank you message this gift will be treasured and remembered.


Personalisation is quite simple, the small touch of recognition and service improves a customer’s journey and builds trust with the brand. An Engraved Wooden Cheese Square Serving Board is a stylish and beautiful thank you gift. The chopping board is a summer bbq essential and perfect for gatherings, corporate events, luncheons or everyday use. Our boards are made from Acacia wood which features a beautiful natural woodgrain effect that beautifully compliments the chocolate brown finish of our engraved artwork. They are made to order with your own personal touches incorporated on the wooden tag to suit your business needs. Select between a Square chopping board or one of our Engraved Paddle Chesse Serving Boards.


If you have a good relationship with your client or staff member and know they love a good time, then these products are for them.

- Engraved Hip Flasks - Group Therapy gift - Engraved Hammer - Bullet Bottle Opener

At Personalised Favours, we feel it’s always good to get a little personal and believe that the quality of the customer service is what will set you apart from your competitors. Choosing the right Christmas gift is a personal decision that will largely be dictated by your choice of theme and budget. If you are interested in more corporate gift ideas, contact our friendly team.

By: Melissa Wilkinson – Melissa is the founder of Personalised Favours and has considerable experience in the gift and wedding industry. She is commonly sought for creative gift ideas and has worked closely with numerous organisations big and small to create thoughtful gifts that will long be remembered by clients, customers and employees.