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You're Engaged. Now What?

You're Engaged. Now What?

So, the love of your life has bent down on one knee and you've got the new bling on your hot little hand, but what happens next?

While a lot of saving, plotting and planning goes into the perfect proposal, not many of us give much thought to the steps that come afterwards. In fact, most people just fly by the seat of their (tuxedo) pants , which can cause unnecessary stress for everyone. Before you start blowing up balloons for the engagement party, we've put together a step-by-step list of pre-wedding protocols to help guide you through this busy time.

  1. Family comes first

It's vital that the first people who find out about your impending nuptials are those nearest and dearest to you. Usually, this is your immediate family, so be sure to pay them a visit, put in a call, Skype them or send a carrier pigeon before you share the announcement elsewhere. There's nothing worse than your sister or grandad hearing the news second-hand from a nosy neighbour before they got the chance to share in your moment with you. While you're at it, you might like to ask your family to refrain from sharing the news until you're ready, and in particular, hold off from posting anything on their own social media pages before you've had the chance to. It's sweet that they're so excited to tell their friends, but you don't want to miss the opportunity to give people the good news in a way that suits you.

  1. Sharing your engagement news, with a twist or two

If you can keep the secret for a little while longer, it's a really nice idea to get a small gift you can give to your parents and in-laws-to-be to announce the news. It will make the occasion all the more special, and leave them with a memory and keepsake they can treasure forever. One fun idea is to get two champagne glasses engraved with your names and the words "we're getting married", pour your parents a drink, and see how long it takes for them to notice the hidden message!

You could also get a copy of your engagement photo and surreptitiously place it around their house during your next visit , there'll be so much excitement when they notice the new addition.

  1. Shout it from the rooftops

Once all the most important people in your life have been told, it's time to share the news with the rest of your friends and family. These days, the easiest way to get the message out on-mass is to share a post on social media, but it's important to make sure it's personalised to you as a couple. If your furry, four-legged friend is a big part of your family life, you could share a snap of Rufus wearing his very own engraved wooden pet sign.

Alternatively, head to your favourite spot as a couple and take a photo of the two of you sipping celebratory champagne from your personalised engagement wedding glasses.

  1. It's a date

It might feel early to be thinking about the actual big day already, but one thing you want to do is decide on a date that works for you. This will allow you to send out Save the Dates with plenty of notice for your guests, and make sure the venue of your dreams is all locked in. Don't feel as though you need to stick to traditional paper cards, though. An engraved wooden 'save the date' pencil is a memorable way to make sure your guests 'pencil' in the date on their calendars, or give them a keyring engraved with the special date , so there can be no excuses for forgetting the big day.

  1. Gather the girls

Now it's time to decide on your bride tribe, as they're the ones who will be there to help you make all the big decisions from here on in. Because they're the girls closest to your heart, a personalised gift will make an emotional moment all the more memorable. Putting together a personalised gift pack - featuring bridal nail polish, a scented soy candle, beautiful rose gold heart keyring, and an engraved wooden keepsake box , will let your bridesmaids-to-be how much they mean to you, and how excited you are to have them stand by your side.

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Pssst. Keep an eye out for next week's blog when we share with you how to plan the perfect Engagement Party!