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Winter wedding trends we’re totally crushing on

Winter wedding trends we’re totally crushing on

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For the 2019/2020 season, winter weddings are in vogue, but hosting your celebrations in the cooler months can seem a little tricky… how do you make the winter chill a hit, rather than a hinderance, on your big day?

We look at the trendy (yet budget-friendly) additions that can bring some warmth to your winter wonderland wedding.

‘Twas a dark and stormy night…

Play up to the long nights of winter by drawing deeper tones into your colour palette, and then feature them throughout every element of your wedding décor.

Gold, black and silver accessories will be the order of the day, whether in your wedding invitations, on your personalised and engraved placecards, your table numbers, or atop your wedding cake.

Then, add complementary colours in your soft furnishings – think emerald green velvet chairs, navy blue table runners, or a dark crimson aisle – and your bridal accessories.

Darker nail polish colours like navy blue, maroon or rose gold are on-trend for the 2019/2020 wedding season, and will give a nod to a winter theme without appearing too gothic.

winter wedding cake topper

Flaming good features

Whether you’re purposefully heading to the snow to get hitched, or just getting married at a time of year that means single-figure temperatures are inevitable, we’ve got one word for you: candles.

They’ll add a warm, festive atmosphere to any venue, and will make your guests feel a little bit cosier. Because they’re so inexpensive, you can go wild with as many as you like.

Add an on-theme tealight holder or a personalised print, and candles are the perfect favour for your guests to take home, too.

A nip of something warm

Long, cold nights mean you’ll need a bevvy or two to keep the internal fires burning, so an engraved mini silver hip flask is the perfect party favour.

For a fun touch, add your individual guests’ names to each flask, and they’ll double as place cards.

Each one holds up to 30ml of liquid, so you can add a nip of your favourite drink before placing them on your tables.

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Champagne glass bride

Keep the spark alive

Because winter weddings call for heavier, velvety textures and darker accessories, you can get away with more than just a touch of sparkle.

Twinkling fairy lights and full-blown sequins will add a much-needed boost to your palette, whether they’re featured in your décor, floral arrangements or table settings.

If you’re not into showy sequins, keep it classic by introducing a twinkle or crystal to your hairpiece or in your jewellery, like these beautiful crystal earrings.

Rustic is right-on

Although It's probably too chilly for a classic barn wedding, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring the outdoors inside.

Vintage or rustic-themed wedding décor never goes out of style, and It's the perfect complement to so many types of place settings, floral arrangements and centrepieces.

It's also another way to add warmth to your venue when the weather outside is just a little bit frightful.

Get all the perfect pieces for your winter wedding

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