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Why Rain is Good News for Your Wedding Day

Why Rain is Good News for Your Wedding Day

They say a wet knot is harder to untie, so why worry about a little rain on your big day? You've chosen your flowers, the menu is locked in, and your hair and makeup styles are ready to the last curl and eyelash. But there's one thing you really can't plan for: the weather. And while predictions of rain might seem like a disaster, don't despair - it could actually be the greatest gift you receive.
  1. Rain symbolizes cleansing and renewal, and is actually good luck!
In a large number of cultures, rain on your wedding day symbolizes a fresh beginning and the 'washing away' of anything negative in your past, and in the Hindu tradition, it's said to foretell of a strong marriage. Because of this, many people actually pray for rain on their big day. If kids are in your future, you can find comfort in the fact that a little wet weather is said to mean new life and healthy children for the bride and groom. You may have also heard the saying that "a wet knot is harder to untie", so whether you get a few light showers or a whole heavy downpour, luck might just be on your side when you're 'tying the knot'.
  1. A misty day is a photographer's dream
While sunny, beachside shots are a mainstay of the wedding industry, any photographer worth their salt will tell you that a misty, stormy day can make for the most beautiful snaps. Your photographer and bridal party will have to be a little bit game (and not afraid some rain in their hair), but if you put yourselves out there despite the weather, you'll be thankful you did. A shot of the two of you under an umbrella, sharing a kiss in the misty rain? Simply stunning, and impossible on a sunny day.
  1. It sets the scene for some very funny moments
Whether it's a leaking roof, a wet shoe or a sodden aisle, there's no denying that the rain can cause some problems. But it also brings out the best in people; with everyone trying their best to fix any issues, make light of a soggy situation, and ensure a little water doesn't dampen the bride and groom's spirits. In the days and weeks after the wedding, you're sure to hear some hilarious stories, too.
  1. A little rain brings people together
A wet wedding day will inspire a real feeling of fun and camaraderie amongst guests who were previously strangers. You'll see everyone coming together like old friends, because nothing says 'getting to know you' like cuddling in close for warmth under a shelter!
  1. It's out of your control, so enjoy it as it comes
If the long-range weather forecast is causing you stress, try to relax. As long as you've got a 'plan b' with your vendors, the rest is out of your hands. You may  think it's a 'make or break' situation right now, but trust us when we say that in the months and years to come, nothing will be more memorable than the smaller moments - like catching your father's eye as he holds your umbrella as you walk down the aisle.
Img. Courtesy of Epic Photography
Img. Courtesy of Epic Photography
And every time it rains, for the rest of your life, you'll be reminded of these special times. So take a sip of champagne, think positive thoughts, and remember: no relationship is all sunshine, but two people who share an umbrella can survive the storm together.
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