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Why Choose Rustic?

Why Choose Rustic?

So what is Rustic? Is it a trend or a style? There is something lovely about a rustic style wedding that remains ever so popular with our brides today.

Rustic weddings are not a trend but in fact a style and one that is diverse, heart-warming and so very creative. Not to be confused with a vintage style wedding, but Rustic can branch off into many style niches such as Rustic Chic, a small amount of rustic but with that elegance we love at weddings.
There is Rustic Country, Rustic Vintage and so many other variations. Rustic is all about the textures, fibers, natural beauty, handmade and raw aspects of our world.

So what are the fun and characteristics that define a Rustic wedding? If you have been living on Pinterest then you will know that burlap hessian and mason jars rule them all. You may have also seen handmade recycled timber signs, native flower bouquets, garlands, bunting and wine barrels. The possibilities are endless.

rustic-wedding-cake rustic-wedding-bouquet

The great pleasure with Rustic is that you make have as little or a much as you wish and can make it your own. Pair your rustic style with industrial chic or Hamptons living. 

A little rustic charm can be also applied to your cake, bridal party attire, wishing well and your wedding favours! Although under-appreciated, wedding favours are a lovely token of appreciation for your friends and family, small reminder of your special night and a gift that reflects your wedding and personality style. That is where we can help! As a lover of rustic weddings, it is only fitting we provide our customers with an abundance of beautifully crafted rustic wedding favours, gifts, accessories and decorations. Take a peak below as a couple of my favourites.

Below are some hand selected unique wedding favours which can be personalised. Check out our ever popular Rustic Wedding Decorations.

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