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When is it too early to start Christmas shopping?

When is it too early to start Christmas shopping?

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You may think we’ve barely shrugged off winter’s chill, but trust us – It's never too early to start thinking about your Christmas shopping!

There are many great bargains to be had for early birds this festive season, so if you’re hoping to catch the worm (and some great Christmas presents, too), take a look at our top tips for early Christmas shoppers.

The idea of hitting the shops in the week before Christmas fills many of us with dread. And just who are these fearless people who are willing to battle the Christmas Eve crowds and take advantage of extended trading hours? We don’t know, and while we certainly salute your moxie, there’s a better way!

Doing your shopping online in October and November means you’ll get it all out of the way before the rest of the population wakes up to the fact that the big day is only a few weeks away.

The countdown is on, so let’s get clicking…

1. Make a list, check it twice

First, get a complete gift list together so you can check off the entire thing in one website visit.

In addition to close family and friends, make sure you include those tricky additional presents on the list, too – think garbage collectors, school teachers, bosses and pets.

That way, you won’t have to order multiple deliveries or make any extra, last-minute shopping trips.

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2. Hit the World Wide Web

It's 2019, so why go through the pain of hitting the bricks-and-mortar stores at all? Online is where It's at.

Personalised Favours has a huge range of Christmas gifts for every member of the family, so for shopping that’s quick, painless, and less taxing on your brain (and your wallet), we suggest you try an all-digital approach to this year’s shopping list.

With a range this wide, no one on the ‘nice’ list will be missed. Gifts for her? Check. Gifts for him? Double check. The kids? Done. Pets? Purrfect. Treats for teachers? They’re 10/10.

Doing all your shopping in one place has another bonus, too. Personalised Favours offers free delivery within Australia and New Zealand on all orders greater than $100, and stock orders get dispatched the next day.

So really, who needs to brave the weather, battle over a car park, or deal with rude shoppers as they charge their trolleys? Get all your gifts online with the click of a button (over a glass of wine, while you’re still in your pyjamas!)

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3. Be friendly to your budget

Shopping earlier in the year allows you to make a good financial plan for how you’re going to afford so many goodies.

If you’re really organised, you can start your Christmas shopping in the previous years’ Boxing Day sales, but even buying little bits at a time throughout the year can help you to make your dollar stretch further, especially if you buy bargains as you see them.

Personalised Favours also offers Afterpay for shoppers who need more time to pay off their purchase – essentially, It's an interest-free payment plan for your online purchases.

They’ll still be posted to you as normal, but you’ll get eight weeks to pay off the total purchase price.


4. Sale, sale, sale!

If you wait until the week before the big man in red comes to town to do your shopping, you’re definitely missing out, and here’s why: SALES.

If you shop for bargains from January to December, you can take advantage of the sales that are held throughout the year.

It's especially easy to shop this way for women, men or older recipients who don’t need to have the ‘latest trends’ or hottest toy, as their gifts are not going to go out of fashion if you buy them in January and gift them in December.

Keep an eye on your favourite websites, Facebook and Instagram pages for additional sales and discount codes throughout the year, too, and use those opportunities to snap up a bargain.

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5. More time to get it right

Without the added stress of the Christmas countdown looming over your head, you’ll find you’ve got a far clearer mind and the ability to pick the right pressie for the right person.

Want to know what other shoppers think of a product before you purchase? Be sure to check out the Customer Reviews section, too. 

Get in early and snap up Christmas bargains for everyone on your gift list

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