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What do you buy the Dad who has everything?

What do you buy the Dad who has everything?


dad and son

Dads. They come in all shapes and all sizes. And they’re notorious for being the most difficult person in the family to buy for.

If yours is anything like ours he pulls out the old ‘there’s nothing I need, just a hug will be fine’ line every time a gift is in order. But remember that one time you actually did call his bluff and forgot the present? You’re still living it down, aren’t you?

The truth is, the menfolk in our lives are good eggs. And they deserve to know just how much we appreciate them, beyond laughing at his dad jokes that is.

So, here’s six gift ideas to put a smile on the dial of the legend who says he’s got it all. Socks, underwear and neck ties need not apply.

new dad kit

The new dad

Becoming a daddy is a magical thing. But when the sleepless nights, dirty nappies and vomit covered clothes become the new reality, let’s be honest - there ain’t no hangover like the new dad hangover.

Remind the newbie in your life that he’s a Super Dad by filling this Printed Father's Day Survival Kit with all the essentials he needs to totally own those early weeks, months and years of being a father.

We’re thinking coffee, chocolate, eye masks, ear plugs, pain killers, healing bath oil and emergency nappy bags will do the trick. And maybe throw in a positive affirmation or two.

protein shaker

The fit dad

Being a parent is hard core. Often it means putting the needs of everyone else before yours. But staying motivated and keeping fit once you have children is just as important for dads as it is for mums.

Maybe your dad is already on the fitness train, but maybe he needs a little reminder for some self-care with this Father's Day Engraved 600ml Stainless Steel Black Protein Shaker ? We promise It's Dad Bod friendly ????

The games dad

Whenever you need this dad, you’re likely to find him down on the floor with the  kids, building Lego, racing toy cars, dressing up like a fairy. Seeing the world through his kids’ eyes is priceless, and he’ll always stop whatever he’s doing to play with them. That’s his super power.

Why not add Scrabble to his repertoire and tell him what you love about him at the same time with this Father's Day Wooden Scrabble Piece Photo Frame ?


decanter set

The old dad (aka granddad, pops, papa)

He’s been around the block a couple of times this old guy. He knows all the right things to say to keep the grandkids brimming with happiness. He’s charming and smooth, like a good whiskey – his favourite drink.

So, let him decanter the good stuff in this Father's Day Gift Set - Premium Whiskey Decanter PLUS 2 Scotch Glasses to celebrate raising generations of kids with a whole lot of love.

wildlings metal mug

The father of wildlings

Maybe he’s a die-hard Game of Thrones fan. Maybe not. But one thing’s for sure, this dad has his hands full with a tribe of bare foot, earth-covered wild ones beneath his feet. And he loves every minute of it. Let him shout it from the mountain tops with this Father's Day Engraved 'Father of Wildlings' Metal Beer Mug with Gift Box. Wild, huh?

wine barrel

The wine making dad

This dad is not only a caregiver, he’s a trendsetter. He’s got a sweet spot for a full-bodied red and savours the slow journey of turning grapes into vino. Lend him your ear, and he’ll talk for days about the notes of dense berry and bittersweet chocolate, with hints of coffee and peppery spice in his latest batch. Honour his artisanal ways with this Father's Day Engraved 1.5L Wooden Oak Spirit Wine Barrel so he can soak up the good stuff.

What to get the dad who has everything this Father’s Day

Already got these gifts? Shop the full Personalised Favours Father's Day range for some more ideas.

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