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What are wedding favours?

What are wedding favours?

If you're planning a wedding in the not-too-distant future, you would be crossing off your checklists, dotting your 'i's, and crossing your 't's to make sure you've got all bases covered for the big day. An element not to be overlooked in your wedding day prep is the inclusion of wedding favours in your celebrations. But what exactly are wedding favours, what purpose do they serve, and are they still relevant in 2017?

What are wedding favours?

Wedding favours are a gesture of appreciation from the bride and groom to thank guests for sharing in this most special of occasions with them. Sometimes known as a bonbonniere, they add a personal touch to your celebrations and express your gratitude to guests for being a part of your special day. These days wedding favours are both practical and personal, offering guests a keepsake that can continue to be used well beyond the wedding.

The evolution of wedding favours

The practice of offering wedding favours is an age-old custom. Originally popularised by European Aristocrats, the first wedding favours were small boxes made of expensive materials and precious stones, usually containing sugar cubes or other confectionery. As sugar was scarce during these times, these bonbonnieres were a symbol of wealth and nobility. As sugar became more widely available, the practice of providing these gifts for wedding guests became widespread. Over time, sweet treats were replaced with almonds or sugared almonds and in some cultures this practice still continues today. The presentation of five almonds is said to represent fertility, longevity, wealth, health, and happiness.

What is the purpose of wedding favours?

Today, wedding favours remain a popular part of marriage festivities across many parts of the world. Favours can be designed to complement the season, wedding theme, location or venue. Many couples choose to personalise each gift with a guest name, which can double as a place setting at the reception. Favours can also be personalised with details of the wedding, including the names of the bride and groom, date, and even location of the nuptials to provide an authentic keepsake of your special day.

Use wedding favours to complement your individual style

Wedding favours need to reflect the unique personality of the bride and groom and should complement the individual style of your celebrations. For example: if you are planning a destination wedding to an island paradise, your wedding favours should encapsulate the fun and frivolity of your nuptials. Alternatively, those opting for a conventional affair should consider classic and classy favours as the perfect detail to complete your celebrations. From the whacky to the wonderful, wedding favours come in all shapes and sizes. There is such a wide array of wedding favours available today everyone can find a perfect fit.

Wedding favours in 2017

Wedding favours are still very much an essential element of modern day nuptials. They add personality and sentiment to your celebrations and reflect the unique identity of each and every couple. Wedding favours can be personalised with guest names, event wedding details and customised messages to sincerely express gratitude to every guest for playing a meaningful part in your main event.

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