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Wedding Invites - Acrylic vs. Wood

Wedding Invites - Acrylic vs. Wood

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Your wedding invitation is the first impression many of your guests will be given about your big day. And you know what they say; you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. With invite options available in materials from acrylic to wood to magnetic, gone are the days when selecting paper design was your only consideration.

So when deciding on your wedding invites it's important to think about what kind of impression you would like to create. Are you thinking fun and funky with a relaxed vibe, or are we talking a formal black-tie affair that oozes stylish sophistication? This should help you determine which wedding invites are right for you.

Setting expectations

Whichever end of the spectrum you are leaning towards - or perhaps a middle ground - your invitations should reflect the individual style of event you are trying to achieve. Don't hyperventilate just yet - you don't have to have your exact colour theme decided on, (although some organised brides do like to team their invites to their wedding colour scheme), but be aware that your choice of wedding invite will set the expectations for many guests about your main event.

rose gold acrylic wedding invite

Relaxed and rustic

Rustic is all the rage this wedding season and nothing says relaxed and rustic like a wooden wedding invite. Durable and genuine, this style of wedding invitation is an indicator to all wedding guests that fun and festivity is high on your wedding agenda. Not to mention that most wooden wedding invites double as a long-lasting wedding keepsake. Here are some of our favourites:

  1. Engraved wooden puzzle wedding invitation Really play up the fun factor with this original game-inspired wedding invite. Allow your guests to be part of the fun by sending out the save-the-date piece in the first instance and follow it up with the full invitation to complete the puzzle.

With each wooden puzzle piece precision laser cut from handsome honey brown alder wood and finished with magnetic backing, this wooden wedding invite is a real winner.

  1. DL engraved wooden wedding invitation For a truly authentic wedding invite, these bold wooden pieces can be made to feature a woven cord for hanging and every piece is engraved with your choice of graphics, text and wedding details. Plus don't worry about how you're going to send them, as every one of these customised invites comes complete with its own DL kraft envelope.

You can also add to your rustic repertoire with RSVP and wishing well cards designed to match your invitations.

wooden DL wedding invite

Stylish and savvy

If you've decided a formal affair is more your style, a laser cut acrylic wedding invite will send a message to your guests that your wedding will be the epitome of timeless grace and classic sophistication. Here are our favourite invites to really achieve that 'wow' factor:

  1. Engraved Square Wedding Invitation Package

This hand-selected and professionally designed wedding invitation package features every element you need to ensure your guests are impressed. Contents include: Laser engraved clear acrylic square invitations featuring guest names;

  • White ribbon decorative bow;
  • Metallic black designer envelopes;
  • Double-sided printed white metallic RSVP cards; and
  • Printed white metallic wishing well cards.

This wedding invitation package ensures there will be no mistaking the quality of your main event.

square acrylic invite pack

  1. Engraved Royal Style Acrylic Wedding Invitation

For a completely regal wedding feel, you can't go past these royal style acrylic engraved wedding invitations. These classic and classy invites feature smooth rounded edges and are made from strong three-millimetre acrylic so they won't bend in the post. Available in a variety of colours and engraved with your chosen artwork, these stylish pieces can be customised to match the theme of your event. Each invite also comes with a kraft envelope or for just a few extra dollars you can add a designer envelope in black, silver or white.

An invitation for every event

Now you've decided on the ideal wedding invites to suit your big day, find every other detail to make your wedding a success at