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Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid

The Knot asked top wedding florists from around Australia for the most common mistakes brides make - here's what your florist wishes you knew.


1. Not communicating with your florist

When choosing a supplier you must pick one who you feel you can openly communicate with, and who you feel understands the overall look you are trying to achieve. This means that even if all the flowers you always wanted are not in season they can achieve the look you want. They understand textures and colours more than you realise, and as they also know what flowers are available at different times of year, they can use material you never would have considered together to achieve the most beautiful displays. - Hanna Evans from Brides in Bloom Briohney from Plumbago Flower


2. Not seeing the big picture

Having the misconception that height automatically equals to being intrusive on their guests - some venues require centrepiece with a little more height and oomph. Making sure you visualise the whole reception room with your guests in it; by using things like tall clear glass vases, and the type of flower - it can instead create a beautiful ambiance.


3. Unbalanced harmony

If your bridesmaids are different sizes, have different size bouquets made up - as this will create a better balance in the wedding photos! - Karen from Silky Blooms


4. Micro managing

By leaving some of the decision making in your suppliers' hands, you show them you trust their ability, plus you don't put any more unnecessary pressure on yourself to make decisions on things you don’t have an expertise in. Don't try to micro manage- you chose each and every one of your suppliers for a reason- so let them do their job. - Hanna Evans from Brides in Bloom


5. Being closed minded

By being too specific limits your florist creativity, the most successful weddings have been with brides who come in with a colour and feel, opposed to a set idea. This gives us more room to create, and play around with flowers that are in season. - Briohney from Plumbago Flowers


6. Missing out on your "dream flower"

If you or someone in your wedding party suffers from allergies or bad hay fever , or a certain flower that you had your heart set on is not in session doesn’t mean you have to skip out. The bonus of using artificial flowers is that you can keep them forever. - Karen from Silky Blooms

7. Not trusting your florist

Not listening to the advice of your florist, could leave you very disappointed. Its best leave it to the experts - as they have worked on numerous weddings and know what works and what doesn't. - Briohney from Plumbago Flowers

8. Not listening to your gut

Not having enough confidence in your abilities. Listen to your gut feeling and look at as many pictures as you can before deciding anything. Create a scrapbook online or on paper of all the images that you like. Look for similarities in what really appeals to you. Do your bridal homework. Try and be open to suggestions and others ideas - but don-t let anyone talk you into something you don't absolutely love. - Miranda from Love Flowers

9. Mixing seasons

With silk flowers, unlike fresh, it-s easy to mix flowers from all seasons. However, Mother Nature in all her wisdom seems to know just what works and I tend to honour that in my advice to brides. There's no point in trying to marry the rustic textures of autumn flowers and foliage with the exuberance and pretty pastels of spring blooms. The minimalist elegance of orchids and other flowers of winter are just as beautiful as the abundance and joy of summer blooms; to mix them just because you can, would be to miss the point entirely. - Miranda from Love Flowers


10. Trying too hard

With your bridal bouquet, do not try and do too much. Simplicity works the best – stick with only a few different colours or blooms, nothing to crazy. On the day with the dress, earrings, bag and shoes you don’t want to be over powered. Simple and elegant is always going to be a timeless classic. A wedding that stands out in my mind is where they went with all white flowers for both the reception and ceremony but used a few selected kinds of (white) blooms - it looked amazing. - Beth Godbolt from Inbud


11. Choosing at Random

Make sure your flowers are a true reflection of you, possibly ones that hold a significant meaning. Mix shades of the same flower, such as a bouquet of different shaded garden roses, (which are also beautifully fragrant). Instead of just selecting at random. - Melinda from Melinda Tualima


12. Refusing to Compromise

Flowers have the ability to bring everything together and tell your own storey - they show a lot about you. But it is import to give creative licence to your florist, as it will bring you the greatest results. Work together with them and let your ideas flow and what you like be heard, to creative something together that's truly unique and makes a statement. - Diana from Flowers by Teresa


13. Not trusting your supplier

Your suppliers are experts in their field - they know what needs to be done to get the look you are after, so trust their suggestions. - Hanna Evans from Brides in Bloom


14. Too matchy

The biggest mistake is that they go too matchy matchy - Rather than matching every colour, work with contrasting colours that compliment the venue decor, and bridesmaid dresses. I also suggest for the bridesmaids using similar colour tones, but choosing a different flower. - Brett from Brett Currell Flowers and Events


15. Not taking care of your blooms

Be careful on which flowers your chose, be aware of the choice of flower for the day. If the ceremony is going to be in the middle of summer and on a very hot day - something like lilies are going to be difficult to manage as they will wilt easily! Top tip: Keep your flowers well hydrated to extend their lifespan and keep looking fresh! - Darlene from Peonies Floral Designer


16. Don't be afraid of colour

The most amazing wedding I have seen is where everything was black and white, except for the flowers, which were hot pink and orange! It really looked amazing; the colours were striking against the background. - Helen from Sweetbride