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Wedding Favours & Bomboniere Guide

Wedding Favours & Bomboniere Guide

Yes, you know what they are. They are those little gifts on each table for guests to say thank you for coming. Gone are the days of useless tacky gifts which people will end up losing in a draw for some time. People are becoming more creative and aware of what to give their guests

A wedding favour is also a reflection of you as a couple and usually compliments the theme of your day. There are so many options available on the market in today’s world and I am so going to di

scuss why those little tokens of appreciation are still very much in demand. Many of us know what a wedding favour is but most of us don’t know where the tradition originated from and why.

Where did the tradition come from?

A tradition that dates back to the 13th century, the ‘Bomboniere’ was thought to be the first Wedding favour and was given out by the European Aristocracy and Upper Class. The boxes were often adorned with precious stones and usually contained sugar or confectionary which was a symbol of wealth and royalty. At the time sugar was very expensive therefore only the wealthy could afford it. The tradition of giving a gift became widely spread and evolved over time from sugar coated almonds to personalised practical products or keepsakes.

Why the token gift is still very much in demand?

In today’s economy, people are always seeking ways to save money and spend less on necessary items for their day. Some might say that wedding favours are not an important facet of their day but many would also disagree. Giving a small gift to your guests is a time-honoured tradition and although seemingly small or seen as a low priority, it is often greatly appreciated by guests. For those who are trying to save money, or looking for a way to partake in this tradition, there are a limitless number of fantastic ideas for all budgets. Some favours can range from $2.50-6.00 per guest depending on the complexity.

As a professional with many years experience, I wanted to make sure we had a broad range of favour ideas and products to suit every type of budget.

Each couple is different and their choice in favour should reflect their style and personality as a couple. Creativity is key when my team is brainstorming new products, and with the popularity and uniqueness of personalisation, it has become our passion and key difference which we offer our customers.
I would say most brides fear that their gift will be discarded but knowing they have purchased their favours which have a lot of love and thought put into them, will also be appreciated by their guests for years to come.

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