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Top Teacher Gifts for Every Age and Stage

Top Teacher Gifts for 2023

Teachers guide us in every age and stage of life.

From our childcare educators to our university lecturers and all the primary, high school and other years between, choosing your teacher a unique and meaningful gift at the end of the year can leave many of us stumped.

Luckily this year, we have launched our biggest collection of original and affordable Teacher Gifts that cater for educators at every age and stage of our lives.

Featuring thoughtful gifts that express your gratitude and are still practical enough to be used every day, we share with you the top teacher gifts that are sure to get you a gold star!

Best Childcare and Daycare Teacher Gifts

Education starts at a young age. If your child or children are in the care of daycare educators between the ages of 0-5 years, you want to say thank you for the strong foundation they are establishing for a lifetime of education.

It can be tricky finding thoughtful teacher gifts for childcare educators, as you often need to buy multiple gifts for the team of teachers responsible for your child’s wellbeing.

That’s why we’ve introduced beautiful and bespoke educator gifts that won’t break the budget including custom made Christmas decorations, bookmarks and key rings, so you can buy more than just one.

Meaningful Gifts for Primary School Teachers

Our primary school students think their teachers are rock stars and we want to recognise them as such! Don’t go for boring when it comes time to acknowledge their efforts in the classroom and beyond.

Choose from popular best sellers such as personalised lolly jars, environmentally friendly custom coffee keep cups, personally engraved water bottles or smoothie travel mugs, or even their own custom candle for helping your child shine bright.

All under $25, these thoughtful and unique primary school teacher gifts will make a lasting impression at an affordable price.

Original Gifts for High School Educators

It only takes one high school educator to change a young person’s world and open their mind to endless possibilities.

If there is a high school teacher like this in your world, say thank you with an original and inspired teacher giftthat can express what your child may not.

Recognise the big impact they have made on your child every day with bespoke teacher gifts including a personalised cheese set, end of term wine glass or deluxe travel mug.

It's a thoughtful gift you know will be put to good use!

Unique Gifts for University Lecturers

Education doesn’t end when we finish high school. Many of us go on to further studies at university, TAFE, college or other educational institutions.

Others take up an apprenticeship or trade and want to thank their boss, mentor, coach or on-the-job educator for ‘showing them the ropes’ in their new career.

Show your appreciation with unique educator gifts such as a custom crafted wine sipper with a bamboo lid, personalised glasses stand or luxe water bottle that you know they will use for many years to come.


Premium Gifts for Extraordinary Educators

We’ve all had one.

The teacher we remember for the rest of our lives because they have made such a big impact on our world and helped shape the person we become.

Whether you encounter this person early or late in your education, make sure they know the enormous influence they have had on your life with a premium teacher gift that recognises the extraordinary educator they are.

With bespoke pieces including a customised teacher appreciation plaque, rose gold soy wick Christmas candle and luxe engraved travel mug and water bottle gift set, there’s no better way to say thank you.  

Top Teacher Gifts for Every Age and Stage

No matter what type of educator you are buying for this Christmas, you can find the top teacher gifts for every age and stage at Personalised Favours.

Team PF. X

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