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Top song playlists for weddings

When selecting your ultimate wedding playlist, it's important to pick a mix that will not only appeal to your possibly eclectic assortment of guests (think Aunty Edna to your cousin's bikie boyfriend), but also choose a range of tunes that showcases your unique identity as a couple. Here we take a look at some factors that might influence the musical persuasions for your big day and recommend some wedding favourites for every genre.


Party package

When choosing your wedding playlist, you will need to consider what type of wedding you are having and the overall vibe you are trying to create. If you're planning a big party with 100+ guests, this type of event lends itself to classic dance anthems to get everyone moving and grooving until closing time. For some popular playlist favourites sure to inspire a good time, think: Firework by Katy Perry, Lets Get It Started by The Black-Eyed Peas, Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet or the appropriately named Crazy In Love by Beyonce.


Relaxed Mode

If you're planning a more intimate ceremony, it may be best to stick to more chilled out, easy listening numbers so as not to confront guests with an in-your-face dance track. Some favourites for the more relaxed playlist include: Big Jet Plane by Angus & Julia Stone, This Old Love by Lior or anything by Regina Spektor, Norah Jones or Bob Marley is usually a winner in this category. 


Golden Oldies

A successful wedding playlist is about choosing a blend of songs that the majority of your guests can relate to - tunes that will have them smiling and singing along, if not entice them to display their signature moves on the dance floor. It's always a good idea to throw a few golden oldies in the mix. Songs like Eagle Rock by Daddy Cool, I'm A Believer by The Monkees or Twist and Shout by The Beatles (actually pretty much anything by The Beatles) usually go down a treat.


Big band on a budget

Whatever theme you go for, your wedding budget may ultimately influence your decision, as most wedding bands don't come cheap (think starting price of $2000+). Whether it be a band, soloist, jukebox or DJ, be sure they offer a smorgasboard of songs to suit each phase of your nuptials. Most weddings follow the format of more relaxed background music following the ceremony, working their way up to a party peak on the dance floor after the formalities have finished, if this is what you're after.


Choose the tunes that are right for you

So now you've settled on some fun and feel-good tunes that'll have your guests bopping till they drop, or at least singing along in their seats, find every other detail to make your big day perfect at: