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Top Gifts for Caffeine Addicts

Top Gifts for Caffeine Addicts

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We all enjoy a piccolo for a pick-me-up every now and then, but some people’s love for the humble coffee bean goes much further.

These are the true caffeine addicts: they spend a long time ‘procaffeinating’ of a morning, because they just can’t start working until their coffee does, and they live in permanent ‘perkatory’ as they wait for their next coffee fix.

In honour of #InternationalCoffeeDay on 1 October 2019, we’ve rounded up the best, most brew-tiful gifts for caffeine addicts everywhere to help them celebrate.

1. How mug-nificent!

If you know someone who takes their coffee strong, hot and not very seriously, they’re the perfect candidate for a novelty mug. Everyone needs their own, special vessel for the good, black stuff, and a personalised mug is an excellent way for them to espresso how they really feel, while warding off any crockery thieves lurking in the staff kitchen.

Ideal for the caffeine addict who treats their morning beverage like a hit of heroin, this not-so-subtle Drink Coffee Engraved Black Coffee Mug will highlight the importance of their daily fix, while warding off the sticky fingers of Stuart from Sales.

If they’re the type of person whose brain doesn’t start until they’ve downed their first cup, the SHUH DA FUH CUP Engraved Coffee Mug is quirky and colourful – in both hue and language – so It's bound to get the message across.

Finally, because a picture tells a thousand words, we’d recommend you gift this Thinking of You Voodoo Doll Coffee Mug to a pal who is not so thrilled with their current working situation. With a bit of voodoo magic, they might just be able to make the boss disappear.

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2. Keep it glassy

A gift that’s loaded with the feel-good factor, the stylish and practical Engraved Cork Band Reusable Glass Coffee Keep Cup will have them asking, “where has this keep cup bean all my life?”

Able to hold 340ml of that precious brown liquid, this reusable glass cup comes with a secure push-on silicone lid and a chic, heat-resistant cork band. There are many design options, and the recipient’s name, a message or a special quote can be expertly engraved onto the cork band.

It's an eco-friendly substitute for a paper coffee cup – which, let’s face it, we should all be using at this point – and a good option for an on-the-go brew. Unlike plastic, a glass coffee cup is also guaranteed not to alter the flavour of your brew, and they’re also really easy to clean (although It's best done by hand).

An added bonus? Many cafes offer a discount if you BYO keep cup, so you’re basically gifting your pal with some free money, too.

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3. Hit the ground(s) running

If your coffee-loving cousin is constantly on the go with a latte on their mind, a travel mug or thermos is your best shot to keep their long blacks steaming and their cold brews chilled.

This Laser Engraved Bamboo 400ml Travel Mug is reusable, double-walled and made from stainless steel and sustainable bamboo. It also features a convenient spill-proof lid with a resealable drinking hole and can be professionally laser engraved with the recipient’s name.

Alternatively, for your friend whose coffee is as black as their Monday morning mood, the It's Monday Black Stainless Steel Thermo Travel Mug will be the perfect pick-me-up.

It's double walled, vacuum sealed and finished with a high-grip rubber paint, and features a spill-resistant lid. The mug can be professionally engraved with their name in a flawless silver finish, so there’s no mistaking who owns this cheeky chap, and It's made from stainless steel and is BPA free.

Plus, with its 400ml capacity, it can also hold enough caffeine to make Monday seem almost bearable. Almost. 

bamboo mug

thermo travel mug

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