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Top 5 Gifts for Standout Staff

Top 5 Gifts for Standout Staff

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With the end of financial year (EOFY) fast approaching, we begin to reflect on our top performers over the past 12 months. Employees who have dug deep, gone beyond and achieved outstanding results both individually and to the benefit of the business.

The question facing many employers and senior managers is not only how to retain these high achievers, but how to recognise, reward, motivate them to continue achieving and hold them up as a model to inspire other staff members.

For many, public recognition and an acknowledgement of their efforts goes a long way to achieving these goals. Here we explore the top five gifts for standout staff and how to appropriately recognise our most exceptional employees.

5 Best Corporate Gifts for Standout Performers:

  1. Top Performers

Every organisation has its top performers. The employees who manage to bring home the bacon time and again. Whether it be through innovative ideas, problem solving abilities or cutting-edge sales techniques, they consistently get results.

While it does mostly take a village not only to raise a child, but also to grow a business, rewarding the individual efforts of top-performing staff is a clever strategy to cultivate loyalty, encourage motivation and persuade others to dig a little deeper in the year ahead.

Reward the efforts of your highest achievers with classy and classic corporate gifts such as a wooden corporate stained wine box set. Personalise your gift by professionally engraving individual names, titles or specific areas of achievement, to make them feel valued and validated.

wooden wine box

  1. Team Players

Not everyone is happy to play the hero. Some staff members make meaningful contributions to the everyday functioning and overall success of your organisation, but prefer not to be in the limelight.

These individuals are the unsung heroes of every business and while they might be shy about being publicly acknowledged, everyone appreciates knowing their efforts do not go unnoticed every once in a while.

Acknowledge the significant contributions team players make to your organisation with practical and personalised corporate gifts including engraved corporate beer glasses and engraved corporate wine glasses to toast their special efforts.

  1. Exceptional Assistants

Often referred to as the backbone of a business, many a senior manager or small business owner would be at a complete loss without their exceptional assistants.

Commonly known as PA’s, EA’s, Office Managers or ‘Jack-of-All-Trades’, these invaluable individuals keep the cogs turning and the ship sailing in the right direction.

Knowing what each person in the business is doing and where they need to be at any given time is no easy feat, but these exceptional assistants seem to be able to keep all the balls in the air, while juggling a few on the ground.

Recognise their hard work, dedication and unflappable ability with a distinctive and delightful corporate gift like an engraved corporate champagne glass – which you know will not go to waste!

corporate champagne glass

  1. Promising Juniors

This refers to the rising stars of any business. Emerging talent that needs to be nurtured and rewarded so they do not fly the coop and go work for your competitors, after all the hard work you’ve done in training them up and honing their skills.

More than ever before, Generation M’s are growing their expectations of what they should be getting out of a job, rather than just what they’re giving to it – and if It's not meeting their needs, they’ll find somewhere that does.

Praise their efforts and appeal to their sense of self-worth with clever and customised corporate gifts including engraved corporate designer pens to ensure they stay for the long haul.

  1. Goodbye Gifts

At the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got those who have dedicated many  years to growing and shaping your company, and It's time to say thanks, as they hang up their hat and leave to join the growing band of grey nomads traveling across this great brown land.

It's difficult to find a retirement gift to acknowledge a lifetime of service, or even something worthy of marking the end of an illustrious career.

Find a gift worthy of this milestone with a premium piece such as an engraved deluxe whiskey decanter, personalised with their individual details and combined with a drop of their finest for best results.

corporate decanter

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