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Top 10 Bridesmaid Tips

Top 10 Bridesmaid Tips


Have you just been asked to be a bridesmaid?

How very exciting! You might be left wondering, what your role is in helping the bride prepare for the big day? How can you help reduce stress and assist with little errands to make the planning easier? Never fear, we have put together a little list of things to think about:

1. Make sure you are up-to date with the timeline of events for the big day.

Check in with the Maid Of Honour and ask her (if she hasn't already) to prepare an itinerary of the day. This will be everything from when you need to arrive, what time each appointment is, to when the big day should be over. This can a perfect task (an exciting) to prepare over a couple of sneaky wines with the bridal party ;)

2. Who's that? Red faces...

You've been friends for a while, she's your homie, bff, bestie, bitch, and person. Now she is becoming a MRS! It's safe to say she knows all your secrets and you know hers. But when it comes to her aunties and uncles, cousins, step families, grandparents and old family friends, you might find that remembering each person's name can be tough. If you know you'll see family that you may have not seen for a few years at the wedding, brush up on their names. There's nothing worse than saying g'day to someone and not knowing their name... 

3. Foood!

Getting ready on the big day will be hectic! Be thoughtful, why not bring a few snacks for the girls to eat whilst getting ready? If you've kicked the day off with a champagne brekkie - Nuts, fruit and crackers & fruit are a good option. If that’s not your thing, plan to order lunch from a place nearby, scoot down and pick up in-between hairstyles. The bride will appreciate not having to think about organising food. After all it is her day to be pampered.

4. Know when your plus one / other half can meet you.

Your day will be jam packed with places to be, people to see and hair spray! You need to make sure your partner is well informed as to where they need to meet for the wedding ceremony and where they will be sitting during the night’s festivities.

5. Communication.

Avoid being glued to your phone on the big day. Make sure the bridal party has one or two points of contact. Appoint one bridesmaid/ or the MOH to be the brides secretary for the day. The bride doesn't need to be worried about texting people back.

6. Emergency kit

Pack light. You will only need a small tote bag to store everything you need for the big day. It's also a good idea to pack an emergency kit and stay fresh throughout the day with band aids, Panadol, anti-histamines, make up and deodorant.

7. Shoes

Pack flats for the reception. Sophisticated ballet style slippers look great with a wedding dress, so bring a pair to put on when you want to cut loose on the D-floor.

8. Pack your best mood.

The day could get stressful or emotional. There may be issues that arise and you need to remain cool and collected. The best way to reassure and calm the bride, is to remain, happy and excited by her side.

9. Keep the bride hydrated.

Throughout the night, your girl will be so busy seeing and talking to family, having photos and on schedule with the night's events. Make sure she takes a moment to have a glass of water between champagnes and take in the surrounding. It is important for the bride to stop and look at everyone around her.

10. Spread the LOVE!

Get the bride pumped for the wedding and send her inspirational wedding memes, dance moves and photos. It's a once in a lifetime experience and you want her to look back and remember all the fun she had planning the day because you were right by her side.