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Tips to ensure you will get RSVPs back from your guests

Tips to ensure you will get RSVPs back from your guests

RSVPs can sometimes be a hard thing to get back from your guests. Everybody is very busy in their lives and trying to get your guests to send back cards can sometimes be a bit of a tricky task. Here are 5 tips that can help you get your guests to respond to your invite!

1. Have a deadline!

Let your guest know exactly how to RSVP for your wedding and have a deadline! If you require your guests to post back their response, include a stamp already on the card, allowing your guests to tick YES or NO and then send it back.
A little tip - make sure you get your guest to send back the RSVPs TWO weeks BEFORE you actually need the responses to arrive.

2. Give options on how to reply.

Allow guests to RSVP in a way that is easy for them. Via text, email, or snail mail. Make it as easy as possible for them on your invitation. They won't have an excuse then!

3. Stay Organized.

Make sure that when the responses start coming in, you keep on top of them all and make a gust list, RSVP list or excel speadsheet.

4. Touch base (nicely).

Sometimes your guests are really busy. Just give them a gentle reminder that the RSVP deadline is coming out. A gentle text or facebook message is the best way. "Just touching base to see how you are? I can't wait to have a few drinks with you at our wedding! Will you be able to make it?"

5. Set a Facebook event up - Save the date for our wedding

Save the dates are a great idea! The date for the event on facebook will be your RSVP date. This also give people gentle reminders about an upcoming event they have.

Save the Date

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