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The Top 5 Gifts to Buy Your Bridal Party on a Budget

The Top 5 Gifts to Buy Your Bridal Party on a Budget

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Buying gifts for your beloved bridesmaids and gorgeous groomsmen is a way not only to express your appreciation for the role they have played in your nuptial celebrations, but also a thank you for the bigger role they have played in your life so far. So, what could be suitable for a gift of such immense importance that is not going to cost you the earth? Your best bet is to keep it simple, sincere and from the heart.

Homemade cupcakes wrapped with love

For a sweet and special surprise with a personal twist, bake a cupcake in the favourite flavour of each member of your bridal party. Don't have time to bake in the lead-up to your big day? Order your cakes online or at a local bakery and include a personal element by gift wrapping each one in plain paper, decorated in drawings of different scenes from your lives together. Complete your gift with sprigs of greenery from your wedding flowers and a handwritten note and you have created a sentimental surprise worthy of your nearest and dearest.

A picture tells a thousand words

Create a photo collage of different moments throughout your lives together, completed with some of the best photos of the two of you during the wedding celebrations. Want to present it to them on or before the wedding day? Leave a blank space for the last few images and post or hand-deliver these after the event. Even better, present them in a personalised photo frame that includes your own special message.

engraved photo frame

Keeper of precious memories

Put together a collection of items from a lifetime of fun and friendship, love and laughter, and see if your bridesmaid or groomsman can guess what each one symbolises. These can be anything from trivial trinkets to precious stones - depending on your budget. We recommend no more than five per person. Housing them in a customised keepsake box makes it all the more special.

IOU Vouchers 

A clever and creative way to show your bridal party just how much you appreciate the time and energy they have dedicated to make your big day a success, is through itemised IOU vouchers that detail the exact ways they have contributed and how much time each activity took. For example; Dress Shopping – 18 hours, swollen ankles and an unfortunate incident with lace.

Make these as lengthy or light-hearted as you wish, and you can even nominate which parts are redeemable. Either way, it shows you notice and appreciate the effort they put in.

Personalise your presents

Think about each member of your bridal party and what they would appreciate as a thank you gift. Select gifts that represent their individual personalities, interests and identities. Go one step further and personalise your gifts to feature individual details and even details of your wedding day. Nothing says thank you like a beautiful bespoke gift for your bridesmaids or a genuine customised present for your groomsmen.

Every detail for an ideal wedding Now you've figured out the perfect personalised gifts for your bridal party, you can find every detail to create your ideal celebration at