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The Perfect Father's Day Gift for Every Type of Dad

The Perfect Father's Day Gift for Every Type of Dad

 Beat your siblings to the best present with these unique Father's Day gifts

They're regularly portrayed as the bumbling, goofy sidekick to mum, whose main role in the household is to fix things that are broken and be on-hand at Saturday morning sports. But today's fathers are more than just a stereotype. They're quirky, unique, fun and smart (if still a little embarrassing) - which are all of the things a great dad should be. Father's Day is the ideal opportunity to say thanks to the main man in your life. Whether they're your biological dad, a stepdad, an uncle or a fantastic father figure, our dads can have a tremendous impact on our lives. And because there's no 'one size fits all' model for how a dad should be, we're sharing a special Father's Day guide to help you to get the perfect pressie for every type of papa.

The New Dad

What a rollercoaster it's been. When a baby comes in to the world, everything is new, wonderful, exciting, and sometimes downright terrifying. Whether bub has already arrived or is just around the corner, a first Father's Day is certainly one to remember.

This Father's Day, new dads will love a bit of wisdom, as well as a gift that will help them to thrive (or survive!)

Ideal Gifts: Printed New Dad Father's Day Survival Kit; Number 1 Dad Father's Day Stubby Holders; New Dad Father's Day Hamper

The Comedian

A laugh a minute, the 'comedy' dad doesn't take life too seriously, and he wants to make sure you're always having fun, too. He might not have been the best to help you with your algebra homework, but he's the perfect antidote to a rough day at work, or whenever you need a pick-me-up.

While sometimes he's also the 'touchy feely' type, you can't go wrong with a personalised gift that'll give him a giggle. I

deal Gifts: Printed Father's Day Wooden Mini Cricket Bat; Father's Day Engraved Black Mini Hip Flask Keyring; Engraved Father's Day Matte Black Metal Beer Mug

The Adventurer

Where in the world is dad now? Never sitting still for long enough to make an imprint on the couch, this guy is a world-traveller and likes nothing better than the thrill of a new destination. 

In his zip-off cargo pants and water-resistant, all-weather jacket, he's ready for whatever adventure is around the corner, and loves a gift that's off the beaten track.

Ideal Gifts: Engraved Wooden Father's Day Postcard with Stand; Father's Day Engraved Wooden Tablet, iPad or Book Stand; Engraved Father's Day 500ml Metal Water Bottle

The Rock 'n' Roller

Ah, the mythical 'cool dad' - he's a rarity, but you know him when you see him. Wearing an original leather jacket, his entire wardrobe would make any hipster green with envy, but he wears it with the casual style of someone who is comfortable in their own skin. He introduced you to classic rock when you were still in nappies, and many years on, you've got him to thank for your stellar music taste.

This Father's Day, he'll love a classic gift that he can continue to enjoy for years to come.

Ideal Gifts: Engraved Father's Day Wooden Stained Wine Box Set; Engraved Father's Day Pocket Watch; Father's Day Gift Set Premium Whiskey Decanter Plus 2 Scotch Glasses

The MasterChef

Only 10 years ago, this father thought a steak on the barbecue was the height of culinary cuisine. Now , thanks to the proliferation of cooking shows on our television screens - he's whipping up a jus, croquembouche and snow egg with the best of them.

He's king of the kitchen, so your chef dad will love a personalised piece of cooking equipment on his special day.

Ideal Gifts: Engraved 'Grillfather' 425ml Schooner Beer Glass; BBQ Dad Father's Day Hamper; Breaking Bad Inspired Engraved Square Chopping Board

Find unforgettable, personal Father's Day gifts for every type of dad

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