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The Hottest Trend in Wedding Invitations.. it's Acrylic!

The Hottest Trend in Wedding Invitations.. it's Acrylic!

According to the number one wedding planning gurus in Australia, Wedded Wonderland, the next big thing in invitations is acrylic. They all agree ( as do we ) - acrylic is everything. Unlike the usual card or paper invitations, acrylic is hard-wearing, luxurious and versatile, coming in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

So, why is acrylic so unique and what is it?

Acrylic is a piece of plastic also known as Perspex. The 3mm sheet of acrylic is laser cut and engraved by our production team to create a custom and unique invitation design. Acrylic is lightweight and available in a range of terrific colours such as Black, Mirror Gold, Mirror Silver, Clear and Frosted.

Did you know, we have have 5 different styles for our Acrylic Invitations?

11b- Our smallest invitation size, but one of the most popular. The rectangular shaped invitation is 80 x 135mmh and professionally laser cut and engraved to ensure an immaculate polished finish.

DL - Our DL sized invitationsare approx. 80% larger than 11B invitations, allowing for larger font, more information and greater styling. These longer, new to market invitations are probably the most versatile wedding invitations available, given your ability to choose colour and adjust engraving and artwork to match your theme and personality.

Square - The square invite exudes style and sophistication and they are sure to build a level of excitement ahead of your special day. Not only do these invitations provide for an instant statement piece, but they also lend modern yet elegant touch to your big day.

Royal- These square-rounded unique wedding invitations feature smooth rounded edges and like all our invitations, they are made from strong 3mm acrylic so they wont bend in the post.

Circle- An endless circle is the symbol for eternity and this is embraced in this beautiful circular acrylic invitations. You can choose to have a magnet on the back or a white organza ribbon that is used as a hanging tie. (A magnet is only suitable for our black, gold or silver invites.)

The beauty of Acrylic invitations is its versatility. At Personalised Favours, we can create a custom invitation design for the bride-to-be that will be engraved not only on the acrylic, but in her memory to last a lifetime. 

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PF x

By: Melissa Wilkinson - Melissa is the founder of Personalised Favours. She is commonly sought for comment on all things wedding related and has worked closely with thousands of couples to create invitations, gifts and wedding favours that are truly unique.