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The 7 Best Gifts to Give Your Parents-in-Law

The 7 Best Gifts to Give Your Parents-in-Law

Relationships with your in-laws can be tricky, especially in the leadup to your wedding day. Love them or hate them, they've had just a little bit to do with making the one you've chosen to walk down the aisle with the person they are today.

So what can you give your parents-in-law to say thank you for their contribution to your wedding and acknowledge their greater role in providing you with the perfect partner? We look at the top seven wedding gifts that are guaranteed to win your way into the good books with your soon-to-be spouse's family.

  1. Engraved bullet bottle opener

Speak a language your father-in-law will understand by giving him not only a new bottle opener for his favourite brew, but one made from a once-fired, brass-finished, classic 50-calibre bullet. Encased in a black satin-lined box and engraved with your own special message, this practical and popular item is a sure-fire winner.

  1. Engraved 3-piece cheese knife set

If your mother-in-law is the 'hostess with the mostest,' give her a tasteful talking point for her next soiree. Steeped in sentimentality and ideal for entertaining, this engraved three-piece set is a cutting-edge keepsake.

  1. Champagne wooden butler set 

Encourage your in-laws to raise a toast to your nuptials with an engraved champagne wooden butler set. This custom piece comes with four complimentary personalised champagne glasses, supported by a stylish wooden butler featuring matching imagery.

  1. Limited edition engraved cheese board

If your parents-in-law actually have a sense of humour, consider yourself lucky, and purchase them a limited edition engraved chopping board, featuring a cheese-inspired verse of the Eurythmic's cult hit "Sweet Dreams." They say laughter can sometimes be the best medicine, even for mothers-in-law!

  1. Printed wooden stained wine box set

For a gift that is all class, you can't go past a bottle of the best vintage, elegantly encased in an engraved, cherry-stained wine box that also contains a four-piece stainless steel wine tools set including a wine stopper, waiter's friend, aerator and cork saver. A little research into your in-laws, preferred drop and a specially inscribed message of gratitude will earn you extra brownie points.

6. Engraved wooden wedding gift hammer

Just as the final hammer has swung on your nuptials, give your father-in-law a practical present he will appreciate. Engrave a heartfelt or humorous message to really nail this awesome gift.

Cover all bases

Now you've officially won over the parents-in-law, find every other detail to make your wedding amazing at