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The 6 most original ways to pop the question to your bridal party

The 6 most original ways to pop the question to your bridal party

Asking the important people in your life to  be part of your wedding party is an important milestone in your wedding journey. So, you want to make it as memorable and meaningful as possible. We've searched far and wide to bring you the six most original ways to pop the question to all the members of your 'I Do' Crew.

For the Ladies

Bridesquad. Bridesminions. Bridesmaids. Whatever you choose to call the nearest and dearest ladies in your life you have chosen to stand beside you on your big day, here's some inspired ways to ask them, so they couldn't refuse even if they wanted to!

  1. Wine and Cheese-yes please!

What brings women all over the world closer together than the perfect pairing of a wine and cheese event? If you and your besties like nothing better than shooting the breeze over some brie and beverages - it's time to gather the girls 'round. Surprise your future bridesmaids with personalised premium wine or champagne glasses featuring their individual names and the question you're posing, or delight them with your request on engraved bridal party mini cheeseboards - only to be discovered when the last of the cheddar has crumbled away.

  1. Sleepover Shenanigans

When was the last time you and besties had an all-out sleepover? You know the kind we're talking about: old movies, up until all hours chatting and, of course, chocolate. Lots of chocolate- If it's been far too long since you had some good ol' fashioned fun with your BFF's, invite them round for a cosy night in. Make it extra special by gifting each one with their own luxe pyjama sets with personalised embroidery on printed or engraved bridal party coat hangers. They'll soon catch your drift.

  1. Beauty Parlour It's time for a girl's pamper day! Whether you stage it at your place and DIY, or have the professionals come to you, it's time you organised for yourself and your ladies to enjoy a little indulgence.

And what could make it better? Getting the girls to check their makeup in an engraved bridal party compact mirror featuring their newly-anointed bridal party status, or painting their nails with personalised nail polish to pop the question.

For the Gents

Henchmen. Honour Guard. Groomsquad. We all know guys aren't the best at expressing their feelings at the best of times, so when it comes to asking their mates if they'll play a super-special role on their big day, they may be a little lost for words. Fortunately for them, we have some brilliant ideas that will do the talking for them.

  1. Beer Time Bonding

    So it's long been a proven scientific theory that some gents do their best bonding over a beer. Sounds like it's time to invite the lads around or plan to meet up at your favourite watering hole.

Then, as you sit and ponder life's great mysteries, organise for your mates to be presented with a set of engraved personalised schooner glasses on a wooden paddle board. By inscribing each glass with names, groomsmen titles or the question itself, no words will even be necessary. If you want to take a more individual approach, there's always the Limited Edition bridal party beer mug at your disposal.

  1. A Gift That Does the Talking

    Sometimes it's nice to get a little bit formal. Your nuptial celebration is a very important occasion, after all. Often the best way to ask the members of your potential Honour Guard to stand by your side on your big day is by simply presenting them with a gift worthy of the occasion.

Keep it classy with engraved monogrammed bridal party cufflinks or an engraved wedding scotch glass with their name and title on it. For an always-popular choice you can't beat an engraved bridal party black hip flask -- a very smooth way to make your request.

  1. Let's Get Physical

    If your boys are a sporty bunch, getting sweaty together might be the perfect opportunity to pop the bridal party question. After a hard session on the field, the court, or whatever your choice of playing surface, present your best mates with an engraved stainless steel thermo sports drink bottle featuring your question, a special message or simply their name and bridal party status. 

You might also want to send them packing with an engraved toiletries bag to clean up after the big game.

Popping the bridal party question

However you pop the question to the members of your bridal party, find all the inspiration you're looking for and a full range of customised products for every step of your wedding journey at

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