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Saying ‘I do’ on your birthday: will it be twice the fun, or double the trouble?

Saying ‘I do’ on your birthday: will it be twice the fun, or double the trouble?

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Whether It's a summertime wedding in a boathouse by the bay, or a chilly mid-June celebration on a sprawling estate, for some of us, our major wedding plans were locked in before we even knew who our fiancé would be.

But imagine this scenario: the venue of your dreams only has one date available in your preferred month, and by coincidence, it happens to be on your birthday. Would you choose to lock it in, or try your luck elsewhere?

Depending on your perspective, getting married on your birthday could be a party that’s twice as nice, or end up causing you double the headache – here are the pros and cons of a hybrid celebration. 

CON: Your gifts might end up MIA

Our birthdays assure us the chance to be a shining star for a day, and to be showered with love (and fabulous gifts).

But if you’re the type of person who opts for a ‘birthday week’ each year, you might feel a little short-changed when all of your favourite festivities get rolled into one.

While people will probably go out of their way to give you separate birthday gifts and anniversary presents for the first couple of years, this will probably peter out as the decades pass by – so you can expect to say goodbye to a pressie or two. Sniff.

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PRO: Your presents should get bigger and better

Rolling your birthday and wedding anniversary into one has got to be the best excuse for hosting an extravagant yearly celebration, and for demanding presents that fit the bill: think overseas trips, jewellery and other major treats.

And your other half will have no excuse for scrimping, as they’ll only need to think of one big gift every 12 months.

CON: You might have to say goodbye to a seaside mini-break

Having all of the festivities on one day means that you’ll only ever get to celebrate in one season.

If you get married in the middle of winter (when your birthday falls), you may need to prepare to say goodbye to your dreams of an anniversary holiday in the summer sunshine.

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PRO: You’re allowed to plan the biggest, most glamorous party of your life

Let’s face it: there probably won’t be any other time in your life where you feel justified in spending big money on a party with all of your nearest and dearest.

So, when you get married on your birthday - especially if It's a milestone one - you’re allowed to blow out the budget.

PRO: Your big day shouldn’t be forgotten

Whether your partner needs to add it to their iCalendar, write it on a Post-It note or tattoo it on their forehead, they’ve really got no excuse for missing THIS big day.

And if they do – well, we think you’re justified in asking for an extra present to compensate.

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