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Save-the-Date ideas you definitely haven't considered

Save-the-Date ideas you definitely haven't considered

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Or so the saying goes. That's why if you're tying the knot in the not-too-distant future, it's so important to get your Save-The-Dates right. For many of your nearest and dearest, your wedding Save-The-Date is the first impression they will have about your upcoming nuptials and your new identity as a married couple. Because of this, your Save-The-Dates should be as inspired and individual as the unique union you are about to embark on. Here we show you some Save-The-Date ideas you definitely haven't considered and share all you need to know to create a flawless first impression. 

Save-The-Date Etiquette:

  1. Is a Save-The-Date essential? 

    A. This depends on timing and the type of wedding you're planning. If you're looking at a long lead time (six months or more), or are asking guests to travel great distances, a Save-The-Date offers friends and family the courtesy of being able to adequately prepare to be a part of your celebrations.

  2. When should you send them?

    A. Send your Save-The-Dates as soon as you lock in your necessary nuptial details -- especially if you're planning a destination wedding in an exotic location and expecting your loved ones to be by your side. For slightly less extravagant affairs, around six months before your wedding day is generally acceptable.

  3. Who should you send them to?

    A. Cardinal Rule: A Save-The-Date is not appropriate to send to anyone you don't plan on inviting to your wedding. Anyone who receives a Save-The-Date will expect to attend -- and don't leave any of your guests out just because you assume they are coming, as this creates chaos and confusion. Send your Save-The-Dates to the exact people you anticipate seeing you walk down the aisle.

  4. What information is important to include?

    A. There are two major factors here: date (obviously) and location. Even if you haven't got your specific venue sorted, give people an idea of the general location so they know what they are in for e.g. Italian Riviera or Margaret River, WA. Any additional information you include is completely up to you.

  5. What is the best way to send out Save-The-Dates?

    Some people question if it's appropriate to send Save-The-Dates via email. While there is nothing to suggest this isn't appropriate, you do need to consider the following:

  6. a) Do all potential guests have online access? This refers particularly to some of the elderly and less technologically-savvy members among your dearly beloved.
  7. b) Don't let your first impression be lost to a spam filter! If email is your preferred option, use the Read Receipt function to determine who has actually seen theirs.
  8. c) In creating your first impression, consider how you want to set the scene and what may be the most appropriate way to achieve this.READ MORE HERE ABOUT SAFE POSTAGE TIPS

Inspirational Save-The-Date Ideas

  1. Wooden Wedding Invite +Save-The-Date Puzzle

Create intrigue and set the scene for a fun and funky wedding vibe, with a wooden wedding puzzle set. Send the Save-The-Date piece to guests first and follow-up with full details on an invite that fits perfectly with the first piece of your puzzle. Just like you and your partner, the pieces are a perfect fit!

  1. Engraved Eco Pencil

For a special and sustainable Save-The-Date surprise, an Engraved Eco Pencil is an innovative way to let guests know about your big day. Craft from FSC-CERTIFIED wood with a round natural finish, Eco Pencils can be personally engraved with your names and wedding date so that guests can pencil in this special occasion.

  1. Laser Cut Bookmark

What a novel idea! Featuring individual messaging and even a customised calendar, this highbrow Save-The-Date speaks volumes to the thoughtfulness and sentiment of your upcoming celebrations.

  1. Keepsake Key Ring

Personal and practical, a keepsake Save-The-Date keyring keeps your nuptials at the forefront of guests’ minds, while serving as a great tool to keep their keys in sight. Crafted from handsome alder wood and custom-engraved, this could be the key to unlocking the secrets of marital success.

  1. Royal Engraved Acrylics

If you're going all-out for your wedding shebang, set a scene of luxe sophistication with a regal Save-The-Date fit for a king and queen. With scrolling edges for a rich, refined appearance, you can personalise this impressive keepsake with messages, names and dates, as well as customised artwork to create a truly lasting impression.

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