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Real Weddings: Mr and Mrs Smith

Real Weddings: Mr and Mrs Smith

Photographer: Leiafae Weddings

Meet Hayley and Brady. They met five years ago, got engaged in November and were married last month in a beautifully intimate ceremony in rural NSW. We'll be joining them throughout 2018, as they navigate the ups and downs of their first year of marriage and share with us what life is really like once you've walked down the aisle. Having just returned from a whirlwind honeymoon tour of Europe - in which they had no idea of any of their destinations until they arrived - we caught up with them to get the lowdown on their first month of married life.

PF: Welcome home lovebirds. So, let's start at the beginning. How did you two meet?

Hayley: We met through friends, but our first one-on-one get together was a weekend where all our friends were heading out to a party. Brady had just had his wisdom teeth pulled out (his head was the size of a cartoon character) and I was sick with the flu. Brady came over to watch movies at my place, super romantic! From there we began seeing more of each other and a romantic spark began (once the facial swelling had subsided!).

PF: Tell us about the proposal.

Brady: I make us a cup of tea and coffee to have in bed every morning and so I thought this would be a good way to pop the question. I stuck a sticker in the bottom of Hayley's tea cup that read "Will You Marry Me?" After she spit out her tea all over me, she said yes!

PF: We want to know all about your big day. What was your wedding highlight?

Hayley: Our overall highlight was having all our closest family and friends together at the one location to celebrate with us, especially as many had travelled interstate. Brady got pretty emotional when I was walking down the aisle, which got the waterworks happening for everyone. And the best man speech was also pretty great.

Brady: Apart from seeing Hayley walk down the aisle, watching my 93-year-old grandmother get up on the dancefloor at the end of the night for Ni**as in Paris was definitely a highlight!

Photographer: Leiafae Weddings

PF: You've just returned from a mystery European honeymoon. Can you tell us about that and which bits you liked best?

Hayley: One of our best friends (who happens to be a travel blogger and travel agent) planned a 'surprise' honeymoon for us. We gave her four weeks to work with and a $7000 budget (including spending money). We opened our first envelope revealing where we were heading off to at the airport and continued to open envelopes throughout the trip. Destination 1: Paris, France. Destination 2: Barcelona, Spain. Destination 3: Morocco, Africa including visits to Marrakech, Fes and a 2-day Sahara Desert tour. Destination 4: Italy including Venice, Florence, Rome and a road trip through Tuscany.

Hayley & Brady: For both of us one of the best parts would definitely be the Sahara Desert -- one night we snuck away from the camp and walked up a massive sand dune to star gaze and the following morning we took our camels out for a ride to witness one of the most beautiful sunrises we may ever see in our lifetime.

We’re also big foodies and enjoyed indulging in all the local, traditional meals and beverages.


PF: What has changed in your first month of marriage?

Brady: We're definitely still on cloud nine after our wedding and spending the first month of our marriage travelling through Europe. The only real change so far is calling each other husband and wife - something we're both getting used to.

Hayley: Brady has started making the bed and doing the washing, I'm not sure why but I'm not complaining! Also, my new signature, something I haven't quite perfected yet! 

PF: Thanks so much guys. We look forward to checking in with you next month, to see just what your second month of married life has in store.

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Hayley and Brady Smith Wedding Details Wedding date: Saturday 17 February 2018

Ceremony time: 3:30pm Venue: The Hillview, Yarramalong, NSW, Australia

Guests: 80

Wedding theme: Cocktail garden party, fun and budget-friendly

Dress: White Runway - J'dore Anika dress (Ivory/Ivory) - only $379!

Veil: Kel-Leigh Couture - Cathedral length ivory - $100

Photographer: Leiafae Weddings -

Hair: SMIK Hair Terrigal -

Makeup: Brittany Antonio -

Flowers: Sea Holly Floral Design

Travel Blogger and Mystery Honeymoon Mastermind: Seven Continents Sasha -