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Preserving your Wedding

Preserving your Wedding

This week we have been talking about preserving elements from you wedding. You spend hours months and maybe a year planning your wedding, and before you know it, the party is winding up and its time for the honeymoon. What do you do with all your spare menus, invitations, flowers, bombonieres and table décor? 

1. Why not have these preserved in a 'Shadow Box' and Mason Jar?

A shadow box is a closed glass font case that can be used to hold and display objects. You can easily purchase a shadow box from your local Kmart or Ikea and they are very affordable. They are a great way to display & keep special memories/items safe and preserved.

Here are some of our favourites:

rose shadow box

With everything that is going on, there's one thing that is overlooked and its your wedding bouquet. Once you arrive back from your honeymoon, it is often one of the first things you throw out. We have found this beautiful way to keep your wedding flowers preserved and on display in your home or in a mason jar! Speak with your florist about the best way to preserve your flowers, whether it be through drying them out, freeze dried or pressed. You will have these flowers to remind you of your special day and at the same time creating a beautiful and personalised piece of artwork for you home.

2. Bind all your wedding Cards together

Rather than throw out your wedding cards, invitations and well wishes, have them preserved in an album or bind them together. I'm sure they will be something your kids will love to see when there're older. A great DIY project to do together, once back from your honeymoon.


3. Collage you wedding objects together in a Shadow box

Collate all you elements and items from your special day and place them into a shadow box. Put in our rehearsal dinner invitations, wedding invitations, wedding program, gift tags, rustic keys, advice coasters, cake topper, boutonnière, my garter and the little flower piece the flower girl wore. You can also include a petal or flower from your wedding bouquet and finishes from your table settings, such as confetti or sparkles.

Here are some of our top favourites. Aren't they beautiful!!


We'd love to know your thoughts? have you preserved some of your wedding items?