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Posting Invitations or Save the Dates - Our Recommendations

Posting Invitations or Save the Dates - Our Recommendations

I have often been asked by couples, "how can I mail my invitations and save the dates so that they arrive safely?".

It is a very reasonable request as lots of time, hard work and money is invested into making invitations and save the dates as unique and special as possible. Having sent thousands of invitations and items through the post network this is a field I know lots about. Below are my recommendations to ensure your invites and save the dates arrive in the best possible condition:

  1. Send Your Invitation in a Padded Envelope

Whether they be paper, magnets, wooden or acrylic invitations I always suggest sending your inin a padded envelope. It may cost a little extra but sending your invites or save the dates in a padded envelope will help protect the invites and will also keep the invites actual envelope in pristine condition - adding to the WOW factor of the invitation. Padded envelopes can be purchased inexpensively on eBay or from your local post office.

  1. Always have your Invitations Hand Cancelled

Hand cancelling is done at your local post office. This is where your envelopes are handled by hand and not through machinery and can only be requested over the counter. Never just post your invites in a post box. Hand cancelling has two primary benefits; it means your invites won't be processed by machine and open to be being bent and damaged and it also reduces the risk of lost envelopes.

  1. Send them Early

Sending invitations at least 6 weeks prior or even earlier depending on the guest's location is a great way to prevent any issues. I would suggest checking out how long postage takes - You can do this via the Australia post website.

please click on link to calculate delivery time frames. * Australia post is not always on time and can take longer that advised *

  1. Send One to Yourself

I always recommend sending yourself an invitation so you can see what the invitation/envelope will look like when it arrives at the recipients address. This way if your envelope is not supportive enough you can change it before sending to your guests.

  1. Always Include a return address 

In case something happens along the way and for some reason the invitation is not mailed to your guest, the envelope will be returned to you. If there is no sender address specified, your invitation is then sent to an Australia post warehouse and will be destroyed/untraceable. This helps avoid the worrying thought as to why someone may not have RSVPd.

  1. Ensure Envelopes are Properly Sealed

It's best to ensure you package and enclose the envelopes appropriately. For example using a sticker to close your envelope is not strong enough, this can come off easily through transit and be broken, leaving the envelope open. Fully close your envelope with the appropriate closing seal.

You can always add a sticker to dress it up if you wish! Even with each of the above recommendations I have still had invites go missing in the mail or arrive in a terrible condition. As frustrating as it can be, this unfortunately is all part of the wonderful world of Australia Post. Unless each item is insured Australia Post will deny any responsibility, so if at all possible hand delivery is always my preferred method of sending out invitations.

If you have any questions about posting your invites or save the dates feel free to ask a member of our friendly team.