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Personalised Kris Kringle Gift ideas 2014

Personalised Kris Kringle Gift ideas 2014

The weather is warm, people are happy, work is winding down for the year and families are getting together for BBQs! We love Christmas - It is one of our favourite times of the year! However, getting to the shops can be a bit of a headache.
Not only is is a busy time of year - EVERYBODY is on the hunt for Christmas presents. It's everyone for themselves in the car park at your local mall.

Why not skip the mayhem and buy a gift on-line this year? But not just a gift, a personalised gift! A personalised gift is the perfect choice for the office Kris Kringle, loved one and friends.

Here are our top picks for 2014: Gifts under $10

Engraved Acrylic Decorations - Perfect for your Tree and a 1st Christmas gift!

Engraved gift tags - A must have on the Christmas Lunch Table

Personalised Credit Card Bottle opener - What to give the person, who has everything

Gifts under $20

Personalised Engraved Mason Jar - Great idea for the kids, fill them with lollies or even Chocolate coated nuts for the Xmas Table.

Engraved Christmas Wine glass - What to give your desk buddy. They have spent the last 12 months working alongside you. They'll need a drink come the 24th.

Engraved Christmas Scotch Glass - Who wouldn't love an engraved Scotch glass in their stocking!?

Gifts under $50

Engraved Cheese Chopping Board - A lovely choice to give your family. Why not have the family name engraved on there also.

Engraved Twin Set Champagne Glasses - A nice gift to give your Clients to say thanks for a great 2014.

Engraved wooden Wine box - One for the folks. Give them an engraved wine box and make it even more special and include their wedding anniversary or even the number of years they have spent together.

Happy Shopping!

By: Melissa Wilkinson
Melissa is the founder of Personalised Favours and has considerable experience in the wedding industry. She is commonly sought for comment on all things wedding related and has worked closely with thousands of couples to create invitations and wedding favours that are truly unique.