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Personalise Your Power: A talented team

Personalise Your Power: A talented team

Melissa and Matt

Following on from the outpouring of positivity and affirmation in response to PF founder, Melissa Wilkinson's story, we've decided to continue the International Women's Day (IWD) celebrations by showcasing more members of our talented team. With around 20 female employees spanning four decades, you'll soon see for yourself why Joint Managing Director and token male, Matthew Mosse-Robinson, describes the team as a fearless female force.

Inspiration in the everyday

Sometimes the greatest inspiration is found in the everyday. With a diverse and dynamic workforce here at Personalised Favours, we needed to look no further than our own factory floor for examples of women who motivate, support and strengthen one another every day.

Production team Michelle

Michelle De Vries, Accountant & Adventurer

Arriving in Australia in 2016 with nothing but a backpack and a sense of adventure, Michelle was a long way from The Netherlands - the place she had previously called home. Having earlier travelled to Australia for four weeks after graduating from university, Michelle had vowed to return to make it her home. Two years of working, saving and sacrificing saw Michelle's dream become a reality. Her experience with global finance corporation, DeLoitte, and her upbeat attitude, landed Michelle the job of managing the PF accounts. Her advice to others is to never let fear stand in the way of achieving your goals. Emma O'Connell

Emma O'Connell, Sales Manager & Social Media Mastermind

Being the business's first official employee, Emma has been a big part of the PF journey. Creative and passionate, Emma's loves designing anything from cartoon sketches to races-ready millinery. For Emma, bravery isn't defined by jumping out of planes or scaring away spiders, but instead by having the courage to support those closest to you when the going gets tough - something she discovered when her grandmother was ill several years ago. Emma describes the PF team as genuinely lovable and hardworking people who take risks, embrace change and are willing to give anything a go - including new ideas from team members. Jessica Skinner

Jessica Skinner, Sales Team Gun & Media Talent

When she's not driving hundreds of miles to dance practice or dropping Hamish & Andy quotes, you'll find Jess lending a hand across all different areas of the PF business. One of the newest recruits to the PF team, Jess' warm nature, intelligence and humour make her a valuable asset to all business operations. Reading a poem that she wrote herself at her Pop's funeral highlights her integrity and valour - qualities that transcend her personal and professional actions. Never one to shy away from the limelight, you might see a lot more of Jess popping up on the PF socials and other promotional channels.

PF team pride 

In addition to taking part in go-karting and laser skirmish championships, the PF team personifies a strong and supportive, predominately female workforce who consistently encourage, help and rely on one another to get the job done.

Sharing the PF story

Melissa and the team are sharing their stories to encourage women everywhere to support one another and inspire other young women to achieve their goals. By doing so, we're hoping to highlight how supporting and empowering one another can help every woman realise her dreams.

International Women's Day

International Women's Day 2018

For IWD 2018, we're asking you to nominate an inspirational woman in your life and tell us how she motivates you for your chance to win $100 worth of personalised products. Use the hashtags #personaliseyourpower and #pressforprogress when you post on the PF Instagram and Facebook pages. Winners will be announced via our socials on IWD Thursday March 8. Together, we can help all women gain the respect and recognition they deserve. To peruse our inspired range of personalised products visit