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Not Safe for Work Gifts: naughtiest gifts for 2019

Not Safe for Work Gifts: naughtiest gifts for 2019

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Ever dreamed of letting your colleagues know how you really feel? Or fantasised about sending a farewell message to your ex? Or perhaps you’re just searching for a cheeky gift to spoil your bestie or excite your significant other?

Well look no further, because we’ve put together a range of the naughtiest gifts for 2019 to bring you the bespoke and beautiful Personalised Favours Inappropriate Gifts collection.

While these gifts are definitely not safe for the workplace, they will give you a giggle and make you want more of exactly where they came from…



Naughty Gifts for Colleagues

If you often suffer from a case of Mondayitis and your colleagues or co-workers just can’t seem to get the hint, save your energy and prevent blowing a gasket by investing in a fun and functional It's Monday Black Stainless Steel Thermo Travel Mug. Stating your Mondayitis sentiments loud and clear, this black beauty is also particularly useful for holding a beverage, while keeping the wolves at bay.

And if you’ve got a colleague who likes to go hard, this custom Drink Coffee Engraved Black Coffee Mug can be personalised with their individual name, just so there’s no mistake who you’re referring to.

But what would a workplace be, without the constant threat of ‘favourite pen theft’ on the horizon. Solve this irritating office issue once and for all with a Don’t Touch My Pen – Engraved Designer Pen professionally engraved with the name of its rightful owner. Now that’s the perfect way to stop an office thief in their tracks.

Monday thermo mug

Naughty Gifts for Lovers

Oh, what a cute couple you make. So young, so innocent, so…wtf? Surprise your other half with a cheeky custom set designed to inspire and delight -- as well as being super convenient to sip your favourite beverage from. 

The I Love Your…Wine Glass Beer Mug Set takes its inspiration from the animal kingdom, to pay homage to the most favourite body part of your significant other. Professionally laser engraved with your individual names and inspired by nature, this naughty set is the ideal lover’s gift.

And just as a subtle reminder never to stray too far, the I Will Cut You Engraved Wooden Paddle Chopping Board sends a clear message to your one true love, while doubling as a handy kitchen utensil.

wooden paddle board funny

Naughty Gifts for Besties

Help save a life with this straight to the point gift for the BFF who could definitely do with more h20. The Drink More Water – Engraved Water Bottle with Wooden Lid is custom-engraved with the lucky recipient’s individual name – so they certainly can’t ignore your helpful advice. Practical and personalised…what more could they want?!

And for all your mum friends, raise a glass on your next special occasion (or just because It's Wednesday) with an I’m Just a Mum Engraved Champagne Glass, paying tribute to her little darlings. Custom-engraved with the names of her precious offspring, this naughty gift tells it like it is – and will definitely go to good use!

drink more water bottle

Naughty Gifts for Exes

You loved them, they left you and possibly even broke your heart. Send a parting gift to the one who got away with naughty gifts for exes that will make you laugh out loud.

Bruise his ego and don’t let him get away with it, by sending him a Novelty Sized Engraved Wooden Cricket Bat, featuring his name and a special message that brings his manhood into question.

Or give him more than he bargained for with his morning caffeine fix, with a tongue-in-cheek Thinking of You Voodoo Doll Red Coffee Mug, encouraging him to sleep with one eye open.

Or simply get revenge the best way you know how – by living life, loving every minute and never looking back. The Tears of My Ex-Boyfriend Engraved Black Hip Flask should definitely help do the trick.

black hip flask ex boyfriend

Naughty Gifts for Every Appetite

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