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Naughty Christmas Gifts: Not Appropriate for Grandma!

Naughty Christmas Gifts: Not Appropriate for Grandma!

rude grandma

If you’ve got a foul-mouthed friend or a cheeky chum who is always hard to buy for, never fear - we’ve put together the best list of naughty Christmas gifts for 2019.

Just make sure you don’t accidentally order extra for your sweet Grandma Joan, okay?

1. For the friend who loves a good, ol’ fashioned swearing session over a drink (or seven)

Yes, there are alternatives – whose parents didn’t try to convince them that “shush up!” and “fiddle sticks!” were as good as the real s- and f-words? – but now you’re an adult, you’re welcome to use them as frequently as you bloody well please.

If you’ve got a friend or family member who doesn’t seem to know how to punctuate a sentence without a loud curse word, then this range is for them. All you’ll need to know is their tipple of choice.

If your mum loves a margarita (or 12) on a Saturday night, this handy (and instructive) water bottle might be the BFF they’re looking for on the morning-after. The Drink More Water – Engraved Bottle with Wooden Lid is perfect for a mate who really needs to learn to hydrate, and is available in a white, matte black or Tiffany Blue finish. Each water bottle is professionally laser engraved with an individual name… so there’s no mistaking who you’re talking to.

water bottle engraved

If your friend is more of a coffee fiend with a need for vengeance at the workplace, the SHUH DA FUH CUP Engraved Coffee Mug will be right up their alley. It's made even more personal with professional laser engraving, which highlights the name of your recipient – there’s no mistaking who this mug belongs to in the office kitchen, staffroom or when left behind on a hot desk.

On the other hand, if they have to hit the trains, bus or freeway for their daily commute each morning, they’re more than likely to be swearing before they even reach their desk. In this case, an It's Monday Black Stainless Steel Thermo Travel Mug is just the ticket.

As black as a Monday morning mood, this thermo travel mug can be professionally engraved with individual names in a flawless silver finish.

Monday flask

2. For the house-proud pal with a potty mouth

Their language might be a little hit-and-miss, but hey, at least you know where you stand with this pedantic, neat-freak friend, and the Don’t Mess Up My Table Set of 4 Engraved Wooden Coasters with Gift Box is their perfect gift this Christmas.

Professionally laser engraved onto honey brown wood and customised with the individual name of the OCD recipient in question, each quality coaster is lightweight, durable and perfect to rest any beverage upon… without leaving a mark, of course.

If they’d prefer to stake their claim in the kitchen, the I Will Cut You Engraved Wooden Paddle Chopping Board is ideal for any budding MasterChef… or extreme entertainer with a dark sense of humour.

Both sinister and serviceable, this popular kitchen item with a twist is sure to be a hit for any special occasion. Fingertips not included.

wooden coasters

3. For the in-your-face lovers who make you cringe at parties

Know a couple who just can’t get enough of each other?

Wicked in all the best ways, the I Love Your... Wine Glass & Beer Mug Set is perfect for that twosome who makes everyone want to vomit into the nearest pot plant.

With one for the guys and one for the gals, you could just be responsible for some little Christmas-time babies… so keep an eye on the calendar. 

glass set

4. For the dog-loving duo who keeps their tongue firmly planted in their cheek

Fido, we’re ready for you to express yourself at your sassy best.

If you have a pet-obsessed friend, they’ll die laughing at this cheeky Engraved Wooden Dog Tag Pet Keyring. Inscribed with the tagline “Not lost - looking for bitches”, this wooden dog tag can also be engraved with their pet’s name and your phone number on the back.

This dog tag is the perfect way to make sure their pet always comes home after he’s been on the prowl.

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