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Mother-of-the-Bride Style Guide

Mother-of-the-Bride Style Guide

While the bride and groom are the centrepiece of every wedding, there are several important players that hold an important role in the proceedings. Enter stage left: Mother-of-the-Bride (MOB) and Mother-of-the-Groom (MOG). The MOB's and MOG's form an integral part of any nuptial event, and as a guest of honour, we pay homage to the role they had in raising, shaping and doing their best to keep out of trouble, the person that the bride or groom is today. Here we share with you the ultimate Mother-of-the-Bride (or Groom) Style Guide, so this special guest can be dressed for success on your special day.


Colour is an important consideration for MOB's and MOG's, as they want to fit with the overall theme - but not too much! Consider tones that complement the bridal party, but still stand out from the crowd. Avoid ivory or white, as this is too close to bridal couture and don't go for anything that will clash with the bridesmaids or overall colour scheme for best photo results. Instead opt for sparkling neutrals such as champagne, grey and silver. Aim to complement the bride rather than  overshadow her.

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Dress by: DHgate & MODwedding

Just like the bride, MOB's and MOB's will enjoy the celebrations much more if they're feeling comfortable. Don't choose styles that make you feel out-of-sorts and don't wear shoes that you wish you could lose after the ceremony. While style is a consideration; comfort is key.


Important message to all MOB's and MOG's: make sure you team with the theme, no matter what your normal attire. A church or formal wedding is very different to a relaxed beach or island affair, so make sure your attire suits the occasion, as well as being representative of your individual style.

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There are lots of stylish pants suit or trouser options for ladies who just don't feel comfortable in a more flowing garment. This is a perfectly acceptable (and sometimes preferred) option for MOB's and MOG's who like to wear the pants. Tailored suits work well on larger frames, and mixing and matching your pieces adds a more modern twist to a matching suit set.


Accessories can be the make or break of any MOB/MOG outfit. Use accessories to make a statement (but don't go overboard) or add some life to a plainer ensemble. Key pieces including jewellery, clutches and shoes are the ideal finishing touches for a fresh, modern look for this VIP guest - so don't underestimate their appeal.


Just like any other wedding staple, MOB fashion trends peak and wane. Right now, trending items include:

  • Cropped blazers (for cooler months)
  • Floral prints (seasonal favourites)
  • Chic capes
  • Fascinators are out - hats are in

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Every detail for a perfect day

Now the Mother-of-the-Bride (or Groom) is all set for your big day, find every other detail to make your wedding day perfect at