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Mother's Day 2016 - The Ultimate Gift Guide

Mother's Day 2016 - The Ultimate Gift Guide


Mum with grandson and daughter

Choosing the perfect gift for your Mum this Mother's Day can be stressful at times, especially for the mum who has 'everything' or the fussy mum who replies each year with "Don't get me anything". Whether you're spot on with her taste or you are totally lost going round in circles, our brand new gift guide is here to ease the worry and inspire your inner creativity. Our designers have created some beautiful bespoke products that are practical and will be treasured for years to come.

Whether you are looking to spoil mum rotten or after a small keepsake, we have it all! Mother's day is also about celebrating other women in our life that guide us, love and care for us. This could be your Aunt, Mother-in-Law, Grandmother or even a close family friend. So what is her style? Does she love entertaining, cooking, kicking back or pampering herself? We have so many wonderful gifts for all budgets and styles ready to be personalised with your special message. Follow our Mother's Day Gift guide below and let the gift giving begin!


Thanks for watching my dance shows over and over again I bet your mum spent a good part of her time watching lounge room shows or attending your endless dance performances. As kids we love to be entertained and how it is time to repay the favour. The nice part about the weekends is hosting a gathering with friends and family. Entertaining with delicious food and wine has never been so easy! Imagine mum serving some treats on our engraved wood and stone board, cracking open a special wine or serving up a tasty salad. 

Not only are these gifts perfect for mum but are also beautiful gifts for your Grandmother or Aunt and who doesn't love a great family feast! Wooden Heart Bottle Opener $9.95 each, Wooden Stone Serving Board $84.95 each. Wooden Wine / Champagne Box $39.95 each, Wooden Acacia Serving Utensils $24.95 each.


Sorry for covering the kitchen in flour Mums are the kitchen heroes aren't they! I can always remember Nan's chocolate tart recipe and licking the bowl (because let's face it, that was the best part!). Our kitchens are a place of gathering, socialising and where the magic happens. Kitchens are where the smell of blueberry muffins fill the air and where Mum or Nona taught us how to cook with their tools of the trade. Our kitchen keepsakes are special for they will hold sentimental value for years to come. From the left: Wooden Rolling Pin $34.95 each, Wooden Rectangle Acacia Board $74.95 each.





kitchen queen mother's day hamper


Sorry I was out with my friends all the time Mum! Growing up many of us were always out and about with friends to all hours of the morning. Stuck and needing a lift, mum would always come by to make sure I was safe. All the little things they do really add up and we really see the value and appreciation when we get older. Give mum a break with a gift that she can truly relax with. A cheese board and serving set is perfect for mum to kick back on the weekend enjoying her favourite cheese platter selections, Oh and don't forget about that chilled glass of wine! An engraved wine glass will never go to waste and will always be mum's go-to glass.

It is easy to loose yourself in a good book and what better way to celebrate some R&R than with a personalised wooden bookmark. Wooden Bookmark $14.95 each, Wooden Paddle Board + Bonus FREE photo Frame $44.95 each. Engraved Wine Glass $13.95 each, Wooden Cheese Knife Block Set $34.95 each.


Sorry for being such a messy teenager Mum. "Everything has a place" is what my mum used to say to me, but as pre-occupied teens we did not really care where out clothing fell or whether we could see out bedroom floor. A house is not a home without a loving family and we all love to fill our homes with mementos and keepsakes that have a story. Help continue the story with an engraved photo frame or trendy marble coaster.

Gifts such as these are beautiful for first mothers or for mums who are hard to buy for. Each gift is practical, like the vase below and the wooden coasters which can be personalised with special messages of love. Marble Hexagon Coaster $22.50 each, Engraved Silver Photo Frame $14.95 each. Engraved Glass Tall Vase $37.95 each, Wooden Square or Round Wooden Coasters $7.50 each.


Mum, I did not mean to draw on the wall with your best lipstick. We all love nothing more than escaping for a quiet moment or a day ( if we're lucky ) to relax and pamper ourselves but how rare is that, with all that we have going on in our lives. Sometimes the smallest of gestures go a long way and remind us that time is precious. Remind mum of where you got your good looks from with a Compact Mirror $29.95 each, Jasmine Palm Wax Candle with Wooden Gift Tag $14.95 each. Engraved Champagne Glass Flutes $13.95 each.


The prices stated above include all engraving, art proofs and amendments. We are very flexible with designs and can create something custom to suit your style, free of charge. Celebrating the special women in our lives holds a special importance to many of us. These women care for us, teach us, and guide us through all of lifes ups and downs.

Our gift guide was designed to assist you with finding the perfect gift and to let you into a world of possibilities with personalised gift giving. If you have any questions regarding our Mother's Day range, we are more than happy to assist. Please contact us: or call on 02 4304 3614 You can also stay up to date with all things weddings and special occasions by connecting with us through our Facebook or Instagram pages!