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Mel’s Story: The Next Chapter

Mel' Story: The Next Chapter

 Melissa Wilkinson


For the past eleven years, Personalised Favours has been beautifying weddings, lighting up faces on birthdays, Christmases and anniversaries, and celebrating a little one’s christening or milestone. Founder and Joint Managing Director Mel Wilkinson’s story of success during this time has certainly been momentous. 


In the lead up to International Women’s Day (IWD) 2020, we thought this was an excellent opportunity to celebrate Mel’s achievements and how her journey inspires her to be a better businesswoman.


From humble beginnings starting an eBay business in her garage to then growing it into a burgeoning international operation, Mel has certainly learnt a lot about being a strong woman in business. She has become a role model for women who balance business and motherhood.


Melissa working from her home

Personalised Favours Factory


A little over a year ago, big things were happening. Mel and her husband welcomed their first daughter, and Nick Jonas got married. Swoon! Since that time, a lot has happened; from adjusting to life as a working mum to celebrating a decade in business, to making you all laugh by releasing a cheeky, yet very successful range of Inappropriate Gifts.


In this next chapter and with the upcoming arrival of her second child, Mel is focused more than ever to stay true to herself. By Personalising her Power and successfully balancing (a soon-to-be busier!) motherhood and career, she is leading the way keeping her original baby - Personalised Favours, ahead of the game with emerging trends. 

Melisssa and Jazmin


With sweet summer and vibrant Valentine’s Day behind us, there’s bound to be engagements all round. So, there’s no better time to share with you what the Hottest Invitation Trends are for 2020.


Art Deco Vibes

We’re only a few months into the new decade. Yet, we’re already seeing a growing trend towards brides and grooms looking to the past for inspiration. If you’re after the oh-so-cool Art Deco wedding theme, there are several ways you can style your celebration with a geometric flair so good that it will go down in history. Make a big Roaring 20’s statement by asking guests to your wedding with Engraved Acrylic Wedding Invitations. Strong and stylish, just like Art Deco, customised acrylic wedding invites will undoubtedly become a talking point among your lucky wedding guests. 


Mirror Your Style

Your wedding should be all about you and your loved one. It's a time to truly celebrate who you are as a couple. Set the self-reflective standard right from the start by impressing guests with Engraved Mirror Acrylic Wedding Invitations. Professionally laser engraved with your individual wedding details, mirrored invites are certainly a hot wedding invitation trend not to be missed. 


A Personal Note

A handwritten font is an elegant way to add a personalised look and feel to your wedding. In the lead up to your big day, light up guest’s letterboxes by delivering your wedding invitations in Handwritten Calligraphy Square Envelopes. A personal touch like this will add an element of class even before the envelope has been opened. You could also go that extra mile by teaming handwritten envelopes with Engraved Square Wooden Wedding Invitations


Minimalist but Meaningful

While minimalism can be seen as removing items and details, it can also be well interpreted as presenting a clean and meaningful style. Chic minimalist Printed Black Rose Gold Wedding Invitations will give guests a stylish first impression of your wedding. They will also allow for the essential elements to be in focus and not distracted with unessential features. 


With Mel at the helm, we’re on top of all the ‘must-do’ trends of 2020. Whether It's big or small, simple or supreme, your wedding invitations will set the tone of the big day. Celebrate in style with our range of exclusive stationery, favours and gifts at


Happy wedding planning!


Team PF. X