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Making your Wedding Last Longer

Making your Wedding Last Longer

Making your wedding days last longer - Seemingly impossible perhaps?

It seems almost unfair when you spend countless months planning every detail and investing so much time, energy and money into 1 day that seems to be over in the blink of an eye. Only photos and film show a small part of the day but never the less they are precious keepsakes to remind you of how wonderful your day was and how much your guests enjoyed their time celebrating with you. After the Hens and bucks celebrations are over then are heading for the finish line. It almost seems unreal.

Often friends and family of the bride and groom who have travelled from integrate or overseas tend to join your celebration or pre-celebrations earlier than the rest of your guests. They may be of assistance to help prepare last minute items and often gathering are had as everyone catches up before the big day.

If you want to sway from tradition, have a quiet dinner with your fiancé and your bridal party the night of. Toast to the day ahead and relax ( but remember to go to bed to get your beauty rest ) The morning of the wedding does not have to be rushed. Make sure you allow yourself and your bridal party plenty of time to prepare. Lay out a small buffet of delicious breakfast treats. Best to serve fruit, oats, yogurt and fruit juices.

wedding food

Once you have filled your tummies and you have begun preparing. Play a little music to get you excited. Music also helps relax the mind and emits positive vibes.

If you're feeling cheeky have a glass of champagne to ease the nerves. The morning of the wedding is about making it into an event itself. It is part of your big day so embrace it and enjoy the process.

For the ceremony and the reception (generally the parts that fly by the quickest) try not to worry about the timings or if everything is going smoothly. Leave this up to the co-ordinator, vendors and MC. Let the night sink in and look around at how much fun your guests are having. 

Take a moment to enjoy this time. Many brides say that taking this approach helped them relax and remember the proceedings.

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After the celebrations have wrapped up, you are generally worn out and keen for a hot shower and bed (wedding nights are not all they are cracked up to be haha) check out some confessions here:

wedding night 

The following day there may be some sore heads but if you're feeling on a high and your guests are keen to catch up and discuss the evenings events. A lunchtime gathering with close family and friends is another great idea to continue the wedding celebrations, relax and reflect on the most wonderful night you both had.

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